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Yakuza: Dead Souls
this is going to be awful and I DON'T CAAAAAAARE

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Yakuza 0

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★★★★★ HOLY. SHIT. This game is incredible. Great story, absolutely gorgeous graphics, fun minigames and sidequests, PERFECT PROTAGONISTS AAAAAAAAA. I know Kiryu is the main dude of this series and I love his precious honorable soul to bits, but if I HAD to choose, I'm totally on Team Majima. Cuz that bitch is crazaaaaaaaay. <3
Gakuen Heaven 2 JPN
Let's Play! ❦ current: Yagami ❦ scripts! Achievements: 24 / 24 (100%)

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★★★★★ I would give this game five BILLION stars if I could. ❦ Yuki is the best BL game protag I've ever seen, genuine and sweet without being annoying. The overarching story is complex, told over multiple routes, and absolutely tearjerking. Stereotypes are turned upside down, the writing is consistently excellent, all the routes are fully developed, voices and visuals are gorgeous. I cried SO MANY TIMES while playing this. ❦ 榊勇 forever!
Final Fantasy Tactics
[ch4] wow, my party is pretty much unstoppable at this point...

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Virtue's Last Reward
Replaying so I remember wtf is happening before starting Zero Time Dilemma...

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about 9 months ago

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
LOL omg Mercedes. I had watched the trailers before and thought that her weapon auto-aims, since I saw that she could turn and shoot - except that turned out to be a skill and you can't easily turn around and shoot. So despite being able to fly, you spend the biggest part of the game being on the ground anyway... What does surprise me, however, is that I got the hang out of all characters as I kept playing, EVEN in cases like Mercedes and Oswald, where I thought it'd be impossible due to initial awkwardness.

I'm pretty sure there was no travelling chef before (from what I've read)!

Have fun with Zero Time Dilemma!!!
about 9 months ago

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
I'm letting you know you're the main reason I've always wanted to play Odin Sphere, what with you spamming gorgeous TCG decks and layouts featuring its artwork everywhere!! (I tried it out on the PS2 emulator back then, but either it lagged or the previous POW system prevented me from panic-keymashing and made me ragequit lmao.)

about 2 years ago

I miss you terribly! Hope you've been doing good!
about 3 years ago

about 3 years ago

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
eeeh super happy to see your comment! I had always wanted to chat you up about the Atelier games since I know you've played plenty of them while I'm new to the series, but I was always afraid to bother you in case you were busy! (Good thing another Backloggery contact of mine was able to give me some input on the series!)

I just get so excited about new locations on the map and shiny glowing spots though, I just want to go everywhere and gather everything at the respective location, but I don't think I'm supposed to do that...? And the tasks/goals seem to encourage you to fully "explore" one area upon first entering it even though completing them gives a pitiful amount of memory points...?

I've read up a good deal about the game - beginner tips and such, so I know it's very forgiving, but since I don't have any other Atelier game to compare it to, I have no idea just how forgiving it is. XD For now, I think I'll just go through the game once to make the acquaintance with its elements and structure and get a sense of time, then go for a second playthrough...!

It's difficult to judge what to register just yet (at the beginning of the game) since I haven't even got to use all the different items just yet (equipment-related things in particular), but I hope that I'll eventually get an overview on everything. ;_;

Glad to hear you say that the alchemy system just clicks at some point because so far, I feel like the biggest noob in the universe. x____x

Thank you for the pointers!! :Db

Everyone seems to be super fond of Escha and Logy! :OOO
So many games, so little time... :D