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Dead Space 2
Close to the end I think, game has gotten a bit frustrating. I need to git gud.

Updated about 10 months ago

Tales of Xillia

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about 3 months ago

Poisoned: 3+ new games in a row
So I haven't updated this in a long time. I've been busy with a lot of life going on. I also took time to play Final Fantasy XV and Nier: Automata, as well as Nioh and another play through of KOTOR.
about 1 year ago

Cursed: 10+ new games in a row
Oh! Sorry for the late response. I've had a change of pace lately and totally forgot about this site (now my games need updating). — I followed you from my current account @Felkyr_of_Zaros
about 1 year ago

Cursed: 10+ new games in a row
I just realized we have no way to view 'sent PMs' on here, so comments might be better. I'm not on here enough to remember what I said in my last message to you. — I was content with Pokemon Yellow for a week when I realized I had enough money to get a PS4. I went to a local store to find that not only did they have one more Battlefront PS4 in stock, they also had some spare 20th Anniversary PS4 controllers, so I grabbed one of those as well. I'm pretty happy about gaming this year I guess. New Fire Emblem, Bravely Second, Twilight Princess HD, Pokken Tournament in English (I hope), most likely a new Zelda game, StarcraftII Nova missions release soon, and WoW Legion at the end of the year. There's almost too much good stuff to do in a single year's worth of free time.
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