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Set 2: Flourish - Wave 3 - Puzzle 1

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Killing Floor 2
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Condemned: Criminal Origins

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about 2 months ago

I did. I assumed she'd follow along anyway. I think Clem mostly stayed in the classroom w Ben.
Only the new couple helped me find Clem after since I had pissed off Kenny so much during the rest of the game - not sure if my only move was to get Clem on my own when the wire overhang snapped.
about 2 months ago

Aaaaaah Walking Dead!!! I wish I had saved Ben, but I spent most of the gaming being a jerk to Kenny hoping he'd get killed.
about 3 months ago

Mine ended exactly the same as yours. I tried to save the woman at the beginning of Ep 3 out in the town, but that didn't work out. I failed at aiming, apparently. Some major shocking moments so far in Ep 3.
about 4 months ago

Just finished the second chapter of Walking Dead. Did not kill anyone. Having a small child really impacts the amount of gaming I'm able to to do. This was my first time gaming in over a month.
about 4 months ago

I'll let you know. I haven't been able to play anything for 3 weeks or so, so hopefully I'll even remember the story.
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