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jesus fucking christ this game is just too good. too good. god. Done with Fort Besselat. Gonna recruit a Clouddddd
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Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Yesterday, I finally finished The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. I can't believe I really clocked 70h 40m 13s of running around every single screen to talk to NPCs. And I can't believe it was so worth it.

This game reminded me a lot of EarthBound, where NPCs weren't just random sprites populating an otherwise boring piece of background, but a major factor in the experience. They brought life to EarthBound's towns, and every one of them was important. Undertale took note of this and executed it again perfectly. Trails in the Sky, however, brings this to a whole other level by changing the NPC lines every single time a plot-relevant cutscene is triggered. Extra props to the people in charge of localizing all of this text without ever making it sound awkward.

Although the dialogues grew more and more homogeneous as the game's conclusion approached -- which made it kind of bothersome to try and track everyone to see what they had to say and be rewarded with a "there are so many guards in the street today" or someting else generic -- there were always little hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Another thing that reminded me of EarthBound was being able to roam and talk to everyone you met during the game before watching the credits roll. It's unfortunate that you couldn't get out of Grancel, though, as I would have loved to go back to all the other towns and see what everyone else was doing. Regardless, it's beautiful, and every companion you've met gives you a little bit of precious new information, which is completely optional but also extremely important. It's like something you know you don't have to do, but somehow you still feel like you have to do it. Trails forces this obligation to explore onto you, and it gets away with it because it constantly tells you that you will be rewarded for your troubles. And that's great in a RPG setup, which tends to get really boring really fast.

I also want to briefly talk about the plot-relevant characters in this game. With such enjoyable NPCs, it should be expected that the characters in Trails would be amazing. Shera, Olivier, Zane, Kloe, Tita... And even character like Kilika, Almathea, Maybelle... They are all so good. They are so important, and so well-written, and they all do important things for the plot without pulling a Deus Ex Machina. Estelle and Joshua are also lovable. I love everyone in this game oh my god I wish I had more space to write
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