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Shenmue I & II: Shenmue II
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about 6 months ago

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Hey thanks. I can be pretty indecisive with it and end up changing themes a lot, but glad you liked what you saw.
about 9 months ago

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Yo, Gajeel (Fairy Tail)
about 9 months ago

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Thanks! I worked pretty hard on it to get it to a point where I was satisfied with it.

I honestly really enjoyed my time playing Sword. I understand that a lot of people would have issues with it, but at the end of the day it's really just a matter of what you personally want from the game. I know there was a whole lot of negativity prior to the release and, in my opinion, it was really overstated. I never ran into any technical issues that ruined my enjoyment of the game. The worst thing I came across was probably just framerate drops, but they're really not that bad. I was never bothered by the fact that the entire dex wouldn't be in the game, I actually found myself pretty overwhelmed with the amount of Pokemon that are in the game anyways.

Overall, I think they're good games. I had more fun playing than I expected to after hearing all the controversies surrounding them, it just goes to show that you shouldn't believe everything you hear. I will admit, they're definitely not perfect and I'm sure they could do with a little more content in them, but for what they are they're still fun games. I think they'd do a lot better to release as often as a Zelda or Mario game as opposed to trying to get a game out every year, but it's such a popular franchise, I can't really blame them for pushing it. Compared to Breath of the Wild or Odyssey, you can tell they're lacking a bit of polish that you'd expect from a big Nintendo game.
Looks like my summer vacation is over.