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about 7 months ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Yeah, I get what you mean. Thug1 had several ocassions with negative asian stereotypes and mission objectives that looked down upon sexworkers/strippers. Even as a 16 year old, Thug2 left me so annoyed with the whole Jackass Bullshit, that I stopped buying the games, thus skipping American Wasteland. I mean, it’s a game about a group of priviliged white kids going around the world, destroying public property. Though I always thought that AW became more „down to earth“, a story about a group of misfits building their own community ( kinda like „Motherbase“ in mgs ), that’s why I am ( or was ) interested in the game. The premise could make for a great story.

But don’t forget, that the games where published by Activision, there might have been some actual punk spirit in the Neversoft Team, but working for Activision pretty much means that you are set for product placement and the push for mainstream marketability. And in the early 2000’s this faux-rebellion skater / Jackass culture was pretty much the mainstream. I bought my first skateboard with 12 after my friend got the first Tony Hawk game and many friends did so too. Or in 8th grade a few friends made jackass-like Stunt Videos for a video project in school.

Well, Skate is published by EA so you can expect a lot of in-game advertising. It’s a good game, and they get better, but I kinda miss the arcade-feel of the TH games with their impossible physics and gravity. I guess the only way to get a new iteration is to wait for some Indie developers to give the genre a new shot. Without the supervision of a Publisher, they could actually make it a game of real transgression, that gameplay-wise goes back to the roots.
about 8 months ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
I've already looked more into SMT: Nine and found a few Videos. There's a guy who made a Let's Play for the first few hours of the game and even translated all the text boxes into english. Gameplay-wise it doesn't seem like my cup of tea because of the auto-battles, also the art style seems really bland, nothing like Nocturne or Digital Devil Saga. But I do like the idea of a game inside a game, were you play as someone who plays a mmo. I guess I will finally get SMT Devil Summoner Soul Hackers, which seems similar but with better gameplay.

Btw, i've seen that you've completed American Wasteland. I'm also an old fan of the Tony Hawk games, my favourite being Thug 1, I haven't played AW but its on my list of games that I want to get soon. Have you played any of the Skate games, and if so, do you like them better than the Tony Hawk games?
about 8 months ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Are you playing SMT: NINE with an english patch? I find that game so interesting, but can't find much about it on youtube. It seems like a mmorpg, but the servers have to be down by this point.
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