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Final Fantasy V
Ancient Library | Saved Mid from the demon book. Now leveling some of the new jobs I got.. Geomancer makes me laugh when it murders things.

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about 2 days ago

Backlog Beaten: September 19, 2018
Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
I’m ready to celebrate when you reach the 100% compendium club
It was almost like filling in a Pokédex for me so I loved every second + I just wanted to drag out the game as much as possible haha.

Honestly if you need another Persona 5 fix Strikers is the perfect game for you!
I think you’ll be really surprised how story focused it is compared to other warriors style games, characters, art style, music and overall mechanics are really in depth/on point with the main game too (Maybe don’t go for 100% though as the grind is real post story )

I’m an absolutely huge fan of rhythm games! (I still play Rhythm Heaven, Muse Dash, Beat Saber and the old Theatrhythm regularly) so Final Bar Line is an easy day one purchase for me and I’ll absolutely be playing the Demo tomorrow when I get back from work! 30 songs + characters with progress crossing over to the full game sounds like pure bliss!

Looks like it’s come out at the perfect time for you too having started your series marathon as well!
I’m very impressed you got the SNES out to play V instead of going for the new Pixel Remaster. I played PR FF1 on PC last year as the start of my own FF marathon but stopped at the news of a console release soon after so I’m excited to go back later this year and continue where I left off!

Just a thought but what edition of Final Bar Line are you thinking of getting?
I’m so tempted to just fork out £95 for the Premium Deluxe Edition.. music from Octopath, Live A Live, NieR, The World Ends With You, Mana etc is a big deal to me and this seems like the final definitive version of the game so I wouldn’t feel as bad paying a premium for a game as big as this one. Not sure but maybe the demo will help me decide

All is well in my area of the UK! Weather is a bit all over the place but that’s pretty standard at this point lol
about 3 days ago (edited)

Backlog Beaten: September 19, 2018
Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Friend at work managed to beat Persona 5 Royal last week

Took them around 100 hours to beat but absolutely loved it!! (I don’t think I’ve even seen then focus on a game this much since maybe Witcher 3 back in 2007 lol) Favourite characters where Makoto and Ryuji and there favourite moment was the first time they saw there showtime attack

One heart breaking thing though is they were 1 point off maxing out Marukis social link so they didn't get to play the final dungeon and had to watch it online.
I was trying my best to hint at Maruki, Kasumi and Akechis social levels every day and even got to the point where I just said they need to max them out before a deadline but I was just a bit too late.

Still, I don't think it subtracted anything from the experience and there about to start Strikers so following on from the original ending will make a lot more sense!
about 6 days ago

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
Sounds like a rough month, sorry to hear. Are you better now? Also no worries, health comes first and I don't care how long a reply takes, getting one is what matters to me.

I saw you beat Final Fantasy II, how was that? I have never beat that game tbh. I beat 1 and 3 but 2 was hard for me to get into so I'm curious. Metroidvanias are a fun genre. First one I ever played was Metroid Fusion and then castlevania circle of the moon. I wanna play more. What challenges are you doing next?