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about 5 days ago

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
I remember being disappointed with the first Bayonetta at the time, though I’m sure a lot of that had to do with my astronomical expectations coming off of DMC3, not to mention the aforementioned less than intuitive gameplay. But once I got things going in Bayonetta 2, I was all in - I don’t even remember using any of the other weapons in the first one, but I experimented with each of them in the second one at least once (Rakshasa was my weapon of choice as well!). But it was also better in pretty much every other aspect: presentation, audio, even the story was at least entertaining this time, if still ludicrous. Here’s hoping the third outing perfects it even further.

I didn’t mind the forgettable side quests terribly in BotW, but only because there seemed to be so much else to do in spite of them; can’t say I paid a huge amount of attention to them otherwise unless I just felt like exploring and there happened to be one around. I recall reading that Monolith Soft helped out on BotW, which wouldn’t surprise me at all considering it does share some similarities to Xenoblade in many ways. Now if they could just get some Xenogears level writing on board, we’d be all set!

If there’s one complaint I have about the new Spyro, it’s that sometimes its vibrancy actually dilutes some of the darker aspects of the originals. Especially in the first one, I remember certain enemies and locations feeling a lot more foreboding at the time (the swamp levels to be precise), whereas now that they’re more animated, there’s less left to the imagination. But that’s really just nitpicking, otherwise I really can’t complain at all!

I’ve been casually watching the Ace Attorney dub of season 1 with friends (as in, started months ago and not finished yet) and it’s decent, actually! Maya’s voice is way too high pitched, but everyone else sounds great. It helps that it doesn’t take itself seriously at all, because in quick succession, the show itself really is quite bad. But I’ve heard season 2 is a step up! And apparently has quite a bit more original content, so looking forward to jumping in once I can justify a Funimation account again... In the meantime, HxH’s dub is finally far enough ahead that I’ve started the Chimera Ant arc, and so far so good! Kind of putting a stall on most of my other shows for the moment, though.

about 1 week ago

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
I’m actually really into Bayonetta 2, it just hadn’t hooked me completely (though one could argue that’s been mitigated in the last few chapters). The battle system is so deep, I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface by sticking primarily to the two sets of guns! But that should probably be obvious by the fact that I had no idea how to dodge-cancel throughout the entirety of the first game, which kind of changes things a abit. And dang, does Smash really come out next week?? My body is ready, but my timetable… not so much.

BotW certainly isn’t perfect by any means, but the atmosphere and mystery of the world drew me in more than any other Zelda before. The story isn’t great - hell, it’s probably the worst in the series, but if nothing else, BotW manages to convey a sense of adventure I really never felt came across well in Zelda until this one. I’d be more than happy for a Majora’s Mask-style asset flip if it means we can get a sequel with not only an engaging world but also an actual quality story!

The thing about the Spider-Man platinum is that 90% of the trophies can be achieved just by going through the story and doing a few side missions on occasion. The real trick comes from finishing all of the districts, which is a pain and a half due to the sheer tedium of it. In what was touted as a tight experience (and arguably was, for the campaign), the post-game consists of literally beating up thugs for hours on end, so by the time I finished I was absolutely ready to be done. But if your favorite part was the open-world, you may enjoy it yet! I know the DLC has its own districts apparently, so I need a break before I jump in.

I played through Spyro again around a decade ago (just recall going through on PSP on a plane flight) and I never had issues, but again, these were my most played games as a kid so I’m naturally biased. I played through portions of N. Sane Trilogy recently, and the physics are definitely different in that one, for better or worse is debatable. Spyro though feels almost identical gameplay-wise as far as I can tell, with the difficulty I had as a kid most likely calling back to my own inexperience. Also, for whatever reason, they really put their all into animations, because there seems to be perfect lip sync, especially noticeable with the gloriously characterized Moneybags[/], of all people.
about 2 weeks ago

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
True, I forgot about Team Ninja’s involvement, but I have been less than a fan of their work in the past. Glad Warriors was enjoyable though! I’ve always feared Musou games because of the inevitable button mashing, but to be fair the only thing similar I’ve touched was the original Drakengard, which was notoriously garbage. It figures that it’s subjective quality is tied towards investment in the world though - I’ve heard similar things about the Fire Emblem one, which is probably why it’s like 75% fighters from the 3DS iterations.

Haha, that’s fair - I enjoyed BotW all the way through, but I was also at least roughly following the main quest markers for the most part, just taking numerous side trips. But I’ve heard it’s a common complaint about the beginning being frustrating, both in terms of design and difficulty, so you’re not alone. But damn if it wasn’t fun (for me anyway) just dicking around with monsters while trying to find shrines! It’s also one of the few games I’ve bought DLC at full price for, so there’s that!

I feel like I would have enjoyed Spider-Man a lot more had I just ignored the side content, since 99% of it was nothing but padding - the easy platinum certainly didn’t help matters. Most of the story missions were pretty solid, though! I didn’t even hate the MJ/Miles missions, though they did interrupt the flow a bit. While the Sinister Six had absolutely no business being there (honestly, their boss fights weren’t even that interesting), Mr. Negative and especially Doc Ock were pretty solid antagonists, and if anything should have gotten even MORE focus than they already did. Luckily the final battle and the scenes thereafter made up for it. Hoping they can get into their groove with the inevitable sequel!

Spyro is grrrreeeaat! I don’t recall if you’ve ever touched the series, so a certain amount of nostalgia may be clouding my judgment, but I daresay that even so, it’s the most fun I’ve had with a game in a while! (the quick s can attest to that) It’s certainly… easier than I recall, but even still, there’s at least a solid 20-hours of platforming goodness, and most of all it’s absolutely gorgeous!
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