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about 17 hours ago

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Poisoned: 3+ new games in a row
I sure hope so, because Nero, while fun, feels exactly like he did in DMC4 (for better or worse), with the exception of the Devil Arms system, whose utility is so variable anyway. I actually kinda like playing as V, he’s just designed a bit weird what with Griffon being assigned to a face button. I tried a shoulder one too and it’s even more awkward though. That aside, he’s pretty fun, if lacking in defensive options for the larger encounters. Dante on the other hand… wow, once I got the hang of him again, it’s been a nonstop thrill and I can’t get enough! Certainly helps that his encounter against the Angel was probably the only real memorable boss fight thus far. But looking forward to more freedom in the second half!

That’s what I’d been reading - apparently Redemption had (has?) a creation mode that literally let you make a simulated tabletop game via LAN and on-the-fly dialog writing - very cool. But at this point, it seems the only real redeeming factor might be the story. As for Bloodlines, I’d argue it feels more like KotOR 2 even, considering the heavy emphasis on conflicting moralities (and the buggy initial release fixed by fans). Tremere for me, had a decent amount of trickery in the dialogue options, not to mention OP blood magic when I did get in a bind. Really a shame how rushed it was, making the last 1/4 or so a combat heavy slog, as I’m sure you noticed. But still haven’t found anything quite as engrossing on the WRPG front!

To keep it short, Crossbell is a very different beast from Sky. While the latter was more of a sprawling adventure focusing mostly on the two kids, Crossbell is very limited location-wise, taking place almost entirely within a single city and the immediately adjacent towns. It’s good and bad, since the world feels a lot smaller (probably the PSP influence), but as a tradeoff, the core cast of characters sticks together for the duration, so they get a lot more development as a group. That being said, in case you were looking into them, just know that there are implied spoilers for SC as early as chapter 1 of Zero, with more direct callbacks towards the end. And with Cold Steel III seemingly picking up from where these are headed, it’s looking harder and harder to jump around in the series.

Oh geez, good luck with that. If you haven’t already, might as well start at Beyond so things at least gradually improve. Though it might also just make you give up…
about 7 days ago

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Poisoned: 3+ new games in a row
Mhm, I’ve found similar threads online about the possibility of skimming over Nise recaps, but it seems like I’ll just have to bite the bullet. I’ve been meaning to start Kizu too, but the housing for my new rotation has garbage WiFi… But I managed to borrow my friend’s xfinity password, so hopefully it’s stable enough for streaming! Now the only barriers are my ongoing DMC5/LoH affairs…

Same here haha, admittedly it’s not like DMC has many characters to choose from anyway. Nero being the MC was just the natural choice. But so far so good on that front! I know you already finished it, I just like to take my time more with big actiony games like this haha (and I haven’t had access until this past Sunday anyway). Nero felt a bit sluggish at first, but it’s getting better the more skills I unlock. Goliath kicked my ass at first too, but of course as soon as I used a gold orb, he was a cakewalk and I barely got hit afterwards. I almost wish I hadn’t played Bayonetta 2 so recently though, the lack of an Air Dodge is killing me.

If anything, I’ll just be stoked to get an Ace Attorney game to actually release at its native resolution (presumably), considering how utterly gorgeous the iOS versions of DD and SoJ looked. Although beyond that, I wouldn’t be surprised if it got a multiplatform release either, what with the trilogy being ported to PS4 and the like. But that series is so cozy with portables, I’d personally feel weird playing it anywhere besides in bed!

To be fair, Let’s Go is almost certainly designed as an entry point for the series anyway, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use it as such. But the series is in drastic need of BotW-esque shakeup - Sun/Moon tried with trials instead of gyms, but it still felt like more of the same in the end. So hopefully they’re just keeping their cards held to the chest for now. But yeah, with the relative drought of summer movie offerings this year, Detective Pikachu has certainly peaked my interest too! The initial involvement of Alex Hirsch (assuming he played any role in the final product) certainly helps too.

Hope you enjoy Redemption! I’ve heard it’s quite clunky (not that Bloodlines isn’t), which put me off, but I hear the story is pretty good! Just not enough to make me want to try it (yet).
about 2 weeks ago

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Poisoned: 3+ new games in a row
That’s definitely good to know! I’m still not sure if I’m going to jump right in to Outsiders or sit on it a bit to hopefully mitigate the withdrawal once I catch up. Though with my lack of enthusiasm towards Invasion, I’m leaning towards the latter. Not that I have much else to watch now anyway lol - I don’t have the attention span for longer dramas a lot of the time, so I’ve pretty much relegated mealtime to Key & Peele reruns at this point.

OH DANG, thanks for the heads up! I was planning on going by “novel order” anyway, but I completely missed that Kizu was next, and was gonna save it for after Nise (which I was not really looking forward to). It seems that overall SS is the unanimous favorite, so I’m definitely going to keep going, I was really just hesitant of Nise because of it’s polarizing reputation. Now I just have to find time for three consecutive movies, because you know there’s no way I’m going to be able to stop watching partway through!

Yeah man, and thanks for stealing my planned DMC avatar! Still haven’t pre-ordered since I’ll be at an Airbnb until Sunday, but getting hyped nonetheless! Early reviews are positively glowing, and with Monster Hunter World and RE2 under their belts and already considered some of their best, I’m putting my faith in Capcom returning to their glory days! AA7 when??

Pokemon is definitely not for everyone - it’s actually very slow, and there haven’t been many QoL improvements since the DS titles at this point. I really wonder how much of it is nostalgia, because it’s also the only RPG my brother plays, having been obsessed with it as a kid and teenager. I’m admittedly less enthused now that I’ve seen the actual trailer, since it basically looks exactly like Sun/Moon but in HD… but I’ll probably get it anyway.
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