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about 2 weeks ago (edited)

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Sleep: Not playing anything
No problem, Its good to have other hobbies so you dont burn yourself out. So what do you think of Apollo Justice? I wasnt a big fan of it tbh, did not click the same way compared to the previous games.

Hopefully those games can get you out of the gaming rut, you just need to find a game that really speaks to you. I liiked Trianle Strategy alot, my favorite strategy rpg on the switch so far.

If we are talking about the PS3/360 versions, sure Its not alot of differences. But Nier on the PS4 has a decent amount of additional story added to the game. Both Nier games are in top 10 games of all time, they are unforgettable experiences imo.

That is good mindset to have when it comes to the kingdom hearts games. You can replay them later for the challenge. I just recently replayed KH2 and I sometimes just skip the cutscenes and that take me around 10 hours to beat, granted I am pretty knowledgeable about the game. But that still speaks how short those games are from a purely gameplay standpoint.

I really excited for Xenoblade 3, lets hope it ties together the whole trilogy in a good way. Sadly preo-orders does not open until the end of July here in Europe. I looked at the german site and I can order certain things like consoles and merchandise but not physical games. Hopefully I can order it through there, otherwise I cannot get it.

Persona 4 is great game, hopefully you can get into this time lol. I have been wanting to replay the game myself but I am gonna wait for the PS4 version.

I dont know if I have ever talked about the Legacy of Kain series, that is another must play series for someone who enjoys stories in video games. The only problem is that the story was sadly never finished. Despite that Its still one of my favorite stories in video games, would also say voice acting and dialogue is also one of the best. Gonna link the intro to second game to see if Its piques your interest.

about 3 weeks ago

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
Poisoned: 3+ new games in a row
I just realized I missed my ring day a few days ago! June 11, marks 10 years, a full decade on this site! Thanks to everyone who has made this site so wonderful! Here's to the next 10 years!
about 2 months ago (edited)

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Sleep: Not playing anything
I really loved Forbidden West. I played it at launch so the game was alittle buggy sadly. Hopefully a couple of patches have come out before you play it. It was a very safe sequel tho, more of the same but improved. Its not a bad thing but you now know what to expect. The lore and the combat is my favorite aspects about the Horizon games. Either this is Triangle Strategy is my favorite game of the year so far.

Well they never changed that in the remake. In japan they released 2 versions of Nier. One called Replicant and the other called Gestalt. We only got Gestalt in the west back in the day. In japan Gestalt was released on the 360 and Replicant on the PS3. Why the director Yoko Taro only remade Replicant is because he has said Its the canon version of the game. But Father Nier exist as an easter egg in the remake, playable in a new side quest.

Ok as long as you know Kingdom Hearts 2 and 3 are pretty easy on the normal difficulty, Kingdom Hearts 1 is more challeging on normal for example. Yea KH2 ciritical mode imo you should try atleast once before you die, the game is revered for a good reason lol. KH3 has a pretty good ciritical mode mode aswell.

No, you dont miss out on any content playing Chain of Memories on easy, it just saves you some of pain . If you still have trouble with the game, Sonic Blade is super broken. So use that on bosses to win lol. Its what I do.

So are you excited for Xenoblade 3 ? But I am very disappointed that the collectors edition is my nintendo store exclusive, because I cannot order it. I asked the biggest online game stores in Sweden and they have said they are not getting it the normal way. They are gonna try to ask a couple of importers to see if they can get a hold of a smaller number of units, because they know JRPG collector editions in general are pretty sought after. I have collector editions for the other 2 games so it would suck if I cannot get my hands on this one.
about 4 months ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Sleep: Not playing anything
Well sales wise, it never really worked lol. I think their PS2 games sold really well, they have had it hard since 2010 or so. Hopefully Star Ocean 6 can put them back on track. But always respected that they tried new things within the JRPG genre.

Yea sure, protecting the carrots from Tiger is not the best part of the game lol. I have listened to that soundtrack for 20 years and I still love it. I think KH3 has my favorite soundtrack, so many good songs in that one.

Congratz, getting a PS5 sure wasnt easy lol. Will you be playing Forbidden West soon? I am almost 60 hours into the game and Its amazing so far.

Well I would recommend the PS4 version. They added a new story section, expanded a few story sections, 1 more ending that tier into Automata. Redone textures, combat is vastly improved, 60 fps instead of 30. Plus every line of dialogue is voiced, even the side quests. Also the music is remastered. There is no reason to play the PS3 version anymore. Unless you are curious to see what type of character Papa Nier is instead of brother Nier.

I was shocked when I saw Sephiroth for the first time. It was so cool . Sadly you will not truly understand why KH2 has my favorite battlesystem ever on your first playthrough. Because I cannot imagine that you would play it on the hardest difficulty right away lol. The game can be pretty easy on the 2 easiest difficulties, on Proud mode the game will kick your butt alittle bit if you dont use Its system proberly. But in critical mode the game will really test you. What I love about critical mode is that its not a simple increasing the stats on the enemies. Their Ai is changed to be more aggresive and smarter, your HP/MP do get reduced by half, but you also do 25% more damage in general and get 2 or was it 3 lucky strikes abilties from the start to help you with drop rates so can make better armor and accessories earlier.

Chain of Memories is not the best game out there but Its a decent little game. I would recommend to play it on easy for you own sanity lol. Combat can be fun but Its navigating through dungeons that gets boring really fast, mostly because its reallly repetitiv. Story is great, but going through the same disney worlds as KH1 is not that great lol.

about 4 months ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Sleep: Not playing anything
Yea and the crazy thing is Valkyrie Profile 2 is even more unique because they further expanded the gameplay in general, not just the battlesystem. Tri-Ace in general are very creative when it comes to the gameplay side of things. Wich is probably why their games are pretty controversial because they like to do new things.

Do you mean when you have to protect the carrots from Tiger? The trick is that most of the time you just need to stand still and press triangle. If you move around alot and press the button Its harder lol. The actual Kingdom Hearts music is so good, I mean I like the disney music aswell but the original tracks is where the soundtracks in this series really shines. I love the title screen music, dearly beloved. I remember the first time I heard it in 2002, I just put the controller down and listened for a couple of minutes.

Yea alot of games that looks to be really good are coming out this year, my wallet is not going to like my this year lol. I hope you can get your PS5 soon, Sadly my copy of Horizon Forbidden West have been delayed because since monday we have had pretty bad weather, we gotten alot of snow. Hopefully I get it today.

Man I wasnt the biggest fan of Apollo Justice. I liked it but it felt something was missing compared to the original trilogy. If you can find NieR Replicant for a good price on PS4, I recommend that game because that is probably a top 3 games of all time for me. It has one of my favorite stories and characters in any game ever. Plus the game isnt super long either. Even a couple of the side quests made me shed a tear lol.

Persona 5 strikers is also on my backlog, hoepfully I can get to it this year. Final Fantasy 8 and Persona 4 Golden are great games, must plays for any JRPG fan. Trails in the Sky 2 is also on steam. Trails from Zero is getting physical releases, I have the PS4 limited edition on preorder. Trails in the sky games, Trails from zero and Trails to Azure should be played before playing the Cold Steel games.

I really want these Klonoa games to sell well so we might get a Klonoa 3 in the future. That would make my day.

Cool, did atleast try to fight Sephiroth? That was a big surpise in 2002. Glad you enjoyed it, Its a game that means alot to me. Those games are very unique, there is nothing out there that is similar to Kingdom Hearts.
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