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Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Chapter 4, chasing down a pickpocket! Level 32. - Playing along with Chuggaaconroy's Let's Play series.

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Persona 5 Royal
Playing with Jake2003 - Third Palace complete!

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Hollow Knight
I guess I'm the new King...anyways now I'm at the Colosseum of Fools dying a lot.

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about 2 weeks ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
You're probably right That is a bunch of content to play through all at once. They may not have intended for you to do it all at one time. But yeah, no regrets from me either. I'm having a blast honestly. And I want the story to stay current in my mind as I'm going through the other paths. I'm definitely still hooked. Life has been busy but I'm doing my best to play it whenever I can. This second playthrough is going much faster with all the new game+ stuff I took advantage of. But I'm still mostly using just the characters from Golden Deer. I want to experience all the characters on each path and develop them the way I want. Plus, learn more about them through the support conversations. I do plan to recruit everyone though on a playthrough.

I remember watching the four staff members of this site play through Four Swords Adventure co-op and it was very entertaining. Doing a personal ranking of all the games sounds challenging for sure. Lots of things to consider there. I could definitely give Ocarina of Time a playthrough at some point. My husband has a cart so no excuse not to other than finding the time
about 3 weeks ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Focus: Only playing one game
Yea I cant wait to see what the FF7 remake project has in store for us. I hope we get some info on part 2 next year because I am expecting 2022 release. So what do you think of the FF16 trailer that just dropped? I am personally very excited, it seems to been in development for quite a while so I am hoping for a 2021 release.

I have not looked into what the NTSC version of Mega Man X3 goes for complete in box, but the Pal version on a swedish auction site sold for 1150 euros. But I do have the games that I truly want in my Snes collection, like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy games, Donkey Kong Country 1-3, Mario world, Yoshi Island, Terranigma, Zelda, Metroid, you know the big titles. I actually have a few super famicom games aswell like FF5, Tales of Phantasia, Star Ocean 1 and Trials of Mana. I have protective boxes for all my snes, n64 and gba games but I am still looking for one to Super Metroid that came in a big box here in Europe.

I have not played Skyward Sword since it came out but I do believe Its a very good game that is hampered by tedious controls. If I could control the game with a normal controller I would prefer it over Breath of the Wild because I truly believe the dungeons in Skyward Sword is quite strong(aswell as the story). I have been in the mood to try it again after all of these years because I did like it when it came out. I just remembered that I thought alot that I wanted to control the game with a normal controller. I dont think they will the eariler games tbh.

I think I played Hollow Knight last year and I loved it ofc. Its definitely up there with the best Castlevania and Metroid games. One of my favorite indies games for sure. I would also recommend Bloodstained games and Shantae games for good metroid vania games.
about 3 weeks ago

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
Poisoned: 3+ new games in a row
I would very much like the Radiance games on switch. Although, if they were going to port/remake a fire emblem I'd rather them remake some of the ones that are still Japan only (like Holy War and Binding Blade)

I did end up choosing FF10 to do next. I'm a few hours in and I'm enjoying it so far, although I do find Tidus a little annoying. But I've played a few games and rpgs where I found the main character annoying or unlikable, and I ended up liking them by the end (Tales of the Abyss is a good example).
about 1 month ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Focus: Only playing one game
You mean controlling Cloud in his Shinra uniform? That wont happen in the next part because that is a late game reveal, unless they reveal it earlier in the remake ofc. I hope they really take their time in the mansion to show Sephiroth slow descend into madness. Show more what he exactly learns, show flashbacks of his childhood at shinra (even his inne thoughs would cool) that reflects what he is reading. I hope Its a 15 min cutscene or something.

Its perfect time to play Memories of Celceta now that the PS4 version came out a couple of months ago. But Its a celebration game, so you are going to miss alot of references to the other games. it does reference origins, six and 1&2 the most. Seven is not a bad choice for your next game, it only really does reference Ys 6 alittle bit.

Hehe 2 hours, well I only played 5 hours and I should have stopped much sooner. The mario rpgs are in such a bad spot now, Paper Mario is nowhere near as good as it used to be and mario&luigi is a dead franchise at this moment in time. Wich is a shame the last game Paper Jam I was not very pleased with. They annouched that Crash 4 getting released in the beginning of October and I really want that aswell, I am also going to be really broke.

Yea both N64 and Xbox game does have physical versions here in Europe aswell. Conkers is super expensive over here on the N64. Specially me who collect games complete in the box, Conkers mabye is 150 euros loose and 300+ for a complete copy. That is why I only own Mega Man X1 on the snes lol, been tempted to buy the american version of Mega Man X2 from Swedish Seller for 240 Euros but man Its alot of money. Mabye I should just import the super famicom versions of Mega X2,X3 and 7 to just own them, wallet would like that alot lol.

What I am afraid of when it comes to the Zelda 35th anniversary is that they are gonna pick one n64, one gamecube and one wii game. And I am pretty sure Its going to be Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker and Skyward Sword.
about 1 month ago

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Treasure Hunter: 1000+ games
Definitely play Cadence of Hyrule -- for the soundtrack at the very least!
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