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(U) Unfinished ?No significant accomplishments.     (B) Beaten ?The main objective has been accomplished. Usually marked by the defeat of a final boss and/or viewing of credits.     (C) Completed ?For games which are 100% done. All extras and modes have been unlocked and finished. All significant items have been collected.
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NES 1 (U) 8 (B) 17 (C) 28 Total
Game Boy/Color 4 (U) 5 (B) 10 (C) 24 Total
Game Boy Advance 3 (U) 4 (B) 0 (C) 7 Total
SNES BEAT 7 (B) 2 (C) 9 Total
Nintendo 64 2 (U) 2 (B) 3 (C) 7 Total
GameCube 2 (U) 2 (B) 0 (C) 4 Total
Wii 1 (U) 1 (B) 0 (C) 2 Total
WiiWare 1 (U) 0 (B) 0 (C) 1 Total
Nintendo DS 2 (U) 11 (B) 1 (C) 14 Total
Nintendo 3DS BEAT 3 (B) 0 (C) 3 Total
PlayStation 1 (U) 1 (B) 0 (C) 3 Total
PlayStation 2 1 (U) 2 (B) 0 (C) 3 Total
PlayStation 4 1 (U) 2 (B) 0 (C) 3 Total
Xbox BEAT 1 (B) 0 (C) 1 Total
Xbox 360 BEAT 3 (B) 4 (C) 7 Total
Xbox LIVE Arcade BEAT 1 (B) 3 (C) 4 Total
Apple II 1 (U) 2 (B) 8 (C) 19 Total
DOS BEAT 4 (B) 3 (C) 7 Total
PC C O M P L E T E ! 3 Total
Steam BEAT 2 (B) 0 (C) 3 Total
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about 6 months ago

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Treasure Hunter: 1000+ games
Confused: Playing 10+ games at once
Haha, it was a little bit like that.

It's the first time I ever deliberately hunted for a shiny - it was quite tedious, took about 3-4 hours...
about 12 months ago

Right Hand of Bak'laag: 1000+ unfinished games
Treasure Hunter: 1000+ games
Invincible: 10+ beat or complete in a row
I saw a heart in the last form of the ultimate super-being boss I just beat in Contra Hard Corps, but I don't think it was the one you were talking about. It was the Save the research center, to Surrender and fight again branch. For a second I thought the twin maggots might have been the twin headed truffle thing for the second phase, but that's not it, is it?

I sure do enjoy the ending sequences, and credit rolls in this game. Can you imagine how exciting it must have been for anyone who played it back in the day, and after beating it once, discovered a bunch of totally different levels, bosses, and storylines in the game? I bet it was magical.
about 1 year ago (edited)

Right Hand of Bak'laag: 1000+ unfinished games
Treasure Hunter: 1000+ games
Invincible: 10+ beat or complete in a row
"Boss with the heart"--I guess it's kind of heart shaped, if that's what you mean. It's the boss that's at the top of a rocket. I took the path: Save research center -> Never surrender. I kind of know what you mean about the personality test thing. I felt a little preyed upon by the developers, after finding out I had picked the longest path, but then I guess I was also kind of rewarded with the "true" ending. The choices kind of feel like the Kobayashi-Maru, in that it's sort of an unwinnable scenario, where the enemy has planned for every eventuality--except that I would kick so much ass!

I jest. You are the hardest of Hard Corpse-people for playing the game with Brad Fang. I don't think I would stand a chance if I did that. If we are talking about the same boss here, I thought it was really tough, until I got to it with a weapon that I could consistently get rid of its arms with. Then the second phase was just a matter of remembering to slide through its 'tail(?).'

P.S. What path did you take first?
about 1 year ago

Right Hand of Bak'laag: 1000+ unfinished games
Treasure Hunter: 1000+ games
Invincible: 10+ beat or complete in a row
Yeah, it was the first time I played beyond level 3. It was rad. I went the route that had me fighting the alien cell at the end. Lucky me, I just happened to choose the longest route. I also got Colonel Bahamut to soft lock my game on one attempt, then had a dream that night about it being a secret way to meet the conditions to beat the game. After I finished that path, I went right back and did the secret ending. I'll hopefully be doing the three other paths before too long.