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Final Fantasy VII Remake
Party Level 35. Enjoyed it, looking forward to the next installments. Achievements: 32 / 54 (59%)

Updated about 6 months ago

The Granstream Saga
Enjoying it so far (:

Updated about 2 years ago

Suikoden II
Level 28 and taking on a tough boss, c'mon! ;)

Updated about 3 years ago

Grandia II
Level 35 // Buying new weapons and strengthening my characters skills! Let's fill these skill books!

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about 3 days ago (edited)

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Hi! Saw this on YouTube yesterday, have a look at what's at the 5:30 mark - [Link] Funny that we should just be talking about it!
about 4 days ago

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
I've heard you've had potential lock downs coming. I saw the other day that Britain had 20,000 new cases in one day - that's almost as many as we have had in my state in the whole time and we've had the longest lock down in the world! Oh, my Mum used to celebrate Bonfire Night here, but it hasn't been a thing since I've been around. Are fireworks legal there? I live near a park and always get people letting them off on New Year's and such, even though they're illegal. Thank you! I'm so sorry to hear that about your Dad. It's horrible. I hope the chemo helps and he makes a full recovery. Yes, it's certainly been a year to remember for all the wrong reasons. I hope 2021 is much better for everyone. I would definitely like to avoid it! That's good, fingers crossed you don't need it for much longer.

We had some restrictions lifted on Sunday, but I think masks will be mandatory for a while yet. I ordered something from Amazon US marketplace in July and it arrived in October! Almost everything I've ordered has been late, but it's understandable.

True! Hopefully it won't just be a tech demo. That would be great, too! I was pretty lucky by the sounds of it. Yes, less than a month and the new Xbox and PS will be out! Apparently the Xbox pre-orders (for Series X, at least) sold out even faster than the PS5 here. I do have plenty to go on with on PS4 if I'm honest! Yeah, Demon's Souls was the first of the 'Soulsborne' series. It's the last one I got to and felt a bit dated, so a remake is perfect for me! I think you''d like Ghost of Tsushima. Did you get Crash 4 yet? I've nearly finished it, would be interested to hear your thoughts.

Cuphead is really punishing - I didn't mind the difficulty, just didn't enjoy the game I'll have to give the first Hotline Miami a go, it definitely looks like you need fast reflexes! Definitely, it looks very reminiscent of RE4. I can't wait to hear more, too! I got a bit burnt out with Tearaway as well. I particularly got tired of the combat, how you're locked in at times until you beat all the enemies. Nice! Rayman Legends was great! Did you do the 8-bit levels? They were hard on the eyes! Have you played Rayman Origins as well?
about 1 month ago

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Thanks! Yeah, we're thankfully hitting our targets for reducing restrictions. Glad things aren't changing where you are. It's so ridiculous, it's not hard to wear a mask and socially distance! My Mum's operation actually did go ahead, the surgery went really well. She now has to be on a liquid diet for the next six weeks. That's not good at all, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope they can look after your Dad. As if there isn't enough to stress about at the moment. Apparently you're more likely to get kidney stones again after having them once, so that's good to know! It's a worry that your toe is still sore. Hope it feels better very soon.

Same here, I find I lose my breath a bit while wearing them, but it's better than getting coronavirus! We've still had people trying to protest, but they get shut down pretty quickly. Ha ha, don't blame you, it's super convenient! Our post is a bit slow here, but I guess it's to be expected. I bought something online from a chain store and it was sent from the one about two minutes drive from my house but has gone about an hour away for sorting!

It did look fantastic, I wonder if it will be made into a full game? Agreed, I did like two of the last three Tomb Raiders, but would love if they went back to the style of the originals (and Anniversary and Underworld!). I managed to pre-order a PS5 - still not 100% sure on the purchase, but I thought it would be good to secure one if I did decide to get it. Must admit I'm leaning more towards going ahead with it now that Demon's Souls is a launch game! I enjoyed Ghost of Tsushima a great deal, it reminded of Red Dead Redemption II in a lot of ways - a lot more sword fighting, though! I still haven't gotten back to Last of Us II, must get on to it so I can discuss the story!

Hollow Knight is brilliant. I came to it late and kind of expected it to be a bit overhyped, but I loved it! I couldn't get into Cuphead unfortunately (awesome art style, though!) and haven't tried Hotline Miami either (and the second one was banned here!). eBay would probably be the best shot. Yep, very creepy! Did you see the new footage for RE8? Can't wait for that! I see Ethan is in it again, which I didn't expect. I have played Tearaway (the PS4 version), I enjoyed it but was a bit disappointed after hearing so much about it. Without spoiling anything, I did enjoy the end of the game more than the beginning - can explain more when you've finished it! I hope you really like it!
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