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Wonder Boy in Monster World
Lilypad, the Dwarf Village. Holy grindy backtracking, Batman!

Updated about 1 day ago

Uppers JPN
Chapter 5 (Hard)

Updated about 4 weeks ago

Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen PAL
Working for the clown-looking guy (red mission icons).

Updated about 4 weeks ago

Gundemoniums PAL
1CCd as E.A.R.L type "Nelly" and Eryth FSB on Revised (Normal) difficulty. High score: 10,491,230 (Eyrth FSB)

Updated about 1 month ago

☆★★★★ This is one of those shmups with a "shop" where you're expected to play through the game literally hundreds of times to unlock all of the features. It also has extremely obtuse trophy descriptions (like Super Zangyura, by the same developer), so it's hard for the player to know what they're supposed to be doing. However, the game has excellent music and it's a lot of fun to play, even if you don't fully understand the mechanics. It's also challenging, but fair. Better than it looks. 7/10
Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades Edition PAL
Trying to get as much as possible done towards the platinum during New Game+

Updated about 1 month ago

★★★★★ Dark Souls III actually manages to improve on Dark Souls in a number of ways, and is now my favourite From Software title. Gone are all of the dark hallways, in favour of brighter outdoor areas (which showcase some magnificent views). The music is excellent, and the challenge remains intact. The lore - which is once again told primarily through item descriptions - is fascinating. The one thing I don't like is how taciturn the game is in regards to quest progress and endings. 9/10
Earth Defense Force: World Brothers Ownership: Other
100% complete (online). Just need the all weapons trophy for the platinum.

Updated about 2 months ago

☆☆★★★ This game is pretty much what it looks like - EDF for children. Almost all of the music is recycled from the mainline games in the series. The characters crack 4th wall-breaking jokes that get old fast, and have obnoxious personalities that seem to be straight out of a modern kids' cartoon. The online has been practically dead since launch, getting to 100% is much faster and easier than any game in the main series, and then you have a horrific post-game grind for weapons and armor. 5/10
Horizon Chase Turbo (English subs) PAL
World Tour 35% complete

Updated about 2 months ago

Sound Shapes (Crossbuy with PS3 and PS4) Ownership: Other
Playing this on PS4 so I can use my Japanese account to earn trophies. Main Campaign and Beat school finished, doing Death Mode now.

Updated about 3 months ago

Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception
Fifth battle completed

Updated about 3 months ago

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about 3 days ago (edited)

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Ah... there's the critical styling of the Fwibbpinion we all know and love. More people need to be brutally honest.

I was askin' 'cause apparently these are revampings of newly released Neo Geo games. It's always great when people make great lookin' new games for ol' system, like with Xeno Crisis for Mega Drive or Jay & Silent Bob Mall Brawl for NES.

Sooper Turrican? I think ya mean Mayguh Turrican! Juss kiddin'... kinda. I still need to play the Super Turrican Director's Cut on that there collection. Ain't it great that exists? Though I do think they shoulda gone all out and included 3 and Super 2. Why not at this point honestly?

Hey speakin' of Turrican... how 'bout that there upcomin' Amiga Mini? That looks great.

Saw Truxton for $70 that I could get back for my collection and begrudgingly passed on it. It's probably for the best. For that price I can either get G-Darius HD (out in eleven days) and Espgaluda II or the Space Invaders Invincible Collection.

Besides... I got M.U.S.H.A. w/box. Whenever I see a pricy shooter for a classic console, that's what I always need to remember.

I don't know if I really like Taoplan shooters. I don't know if I need to play Zero Wing.
about 4 days ago (edited)

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
MrFwibbles, they're puttin' Espgaluda II on the eShop. Also G-Darius HD is coming later this month. That's pretty great, but I did mention 'fore that I was moving away from SHMUPs. Espgaluda II is the bigger surprise though.

Lunar: Eternal Blue is the masterpiece that modern day game players won't ever play because they still won't rerelease it. I'm glad Grandia got its time in the spotlight, now it's Lunar's turn. C'mon, screw the hypothetical EarthBound anthology collection that Kotaku wants more than anything in the whole wide world, we need a Lunar collection. 1 Complete, that Game Gear one, and 2 Complete... but nyaught Dragon Song. That was quite embarrassing.

Hmm. Now that I'm wrapping up 2, I'm wondering what to do now? Do I move onto Saturn replays or do I try for stuff? I do got Brave Battle Saga (and plenty of Switch games) to play, but I do want to get back to Saturn playing... but for now I moved onto Super NES games. Yeah they're all RPGs but it's fine. I haven't played Secret of Evermore in years.

You mentioned Neptunia. I only have one thing to say... [jump] I'm like a kangaroo! Tried VII (vee 2) years back and it actually made me reach for voice volume. Only thing I got a kick out of was those enemies that was a screenshot of a dating sim. Oh that's just wacky!

Addendum: Thoughts on these two games? Think they're must plays?

Gunlord X
Razion EX
about 3 weeks ago (edited)

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Light Crusader has purdy neat voice clips. Listen:

"Beat them."
"Ahnswer the riddle."
"Switch on!"
"It's gonna kill you."

Good ol' fashioned distorted sounding Genesis voices. I don't regret playing this again. It's not very long anyway... though it's strange I am also replaying Beyond the Beyond. That one's also short at least.

As soon as Brave Battle Saga arrives, I'm immediately playing it. If I had Steam or an Evercade I probably would've just played it on one of those... but you know me. I gotta play it on a Genesis.

Gee whiz, Fwibz, Lunar: Eternal Blue on SEGA CD is still pretty phenomenal. I've forgotten how catty the cast is, as well as the NPCs. (Hah, Clinton shoutout.) If they weren't like that it would just be regular ol' RPG dialogue wouldn't it? While yes, the PlayStation version is superior in every way, anybody who actually has a SEGA CD should play it once.

Can you imagine a company doing a Workin' Designs style localization in present day? Although given today's current society, one can only imagine how that would go. It would be 70% memes and 30% Twitter buzzwords.
about 1 month ago (edited)

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Mayhaps, though I could change NES to just Nintendo generally, but the only classic consoles I tend to play these days are NES and Genesis. I did have it listed as SEGA to see if I can play some Saturn or something. I'm more talking about replays. I was riding high when I replayed Dragon Warrior, Bucky O'Hare, Bionic Commando, Final Fantasy, so I'm hoping to do the same with Genesis. Hell I may replay Light Crusader after all. We'll see!

Yeah mang. Between that and Monster in my Pocket, Konami sure paid a lotta money for franchises that seemed more cult compared to Teenage Mutant Hero... wait, no, Ninja Turtles and Tiny Toon Adventures. Are the Bucky comics good? Wouldn't know, I don't read comics. Toys? Seems like it really was trying to be like the turtles in a way.


Like, I get wanting something on their Online service, but do they not realize that Nintendo and Square aren't stupid? If they do put Chrono Trigger, SMRPG, and EarthBound on Switch, they ain't gonna put it on the service for free. They'll probably put 'em behind a paywall, selling 'em for $15 at least.

Of course, it's more about "oh boy, a journalist writing about what (t)he(y) want on Switch Online. Let me guess. [mockingly] EarthBound?!" before I even clicked on it, and it was the last entry, and the paragraph began with "Well, obviously Uh-yup!" Again, these people probably already have EarthBound in some form, but oh ho ho, we gotta have it on Switch or else! Forgive my saltiness on this subject, but I'll end it with this statement: Anytime a journalist begs for anything related to EarthBound, a kitten dies. Please, think of the kittens.
about 2 months ago

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Blasphemy. Gun.Smoke has amazing music. Butcha know me, I enjoy NES music. I also like Genesis music, which you also seem to have an issue with. Ahhh... but to each their own, ya?

Silver Surfer is unfairly listed on non-NES players' list of most difficult NES games, but I think when it comes to organizations like WatchMojo, it boils down to people simply not being used to SHMUPs. I played somma it and began to get used to it. Yeah, your hitbox could be smaller and they should've let bullets graze the top of the board in vertical stages, but I dunno, it doesn't seem as bad as wannabe retro gamers who only learn about games from popular YouTubers are making it out to be.

So, how ya been, MasterFwibbles?
about 2 months ago (edited)

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Well except for the post game content, I collected everything and filled out the entire journal.

Justin: Aren't you impressed?

I'm soitenly not gon' jump into IX right away, but... can't wait to play it. It seems to have gotten purdy good buzz.

There's a Mega Man cratoon episode called Cold Steel. More like Trails of Cold Steel!

Sooooo... tell me ya thoughts on these bad boys.

Giga Wing (ARC)
Gun.Smoke (NES)
Silver Surfer (NES)
Undeadline (Genesis)
Xevious 3D/G (PSX)
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