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Monster Hunter Rise
HR113 - 19/56 2.0 Weapons/Armor Sets - 254:30 - Already have most of the weapons I want, just gotta put a lot of those sets together! Achievements: 30 / 43 (70%)

Updated about 2 days ago

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin
Level 48 - Postgame Year 18 - 38:19 - This was such a wholesome game and a pleasant surprise, especially for a two-man development team!

Updated about 2 weeks ago


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about 1 week ago

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Thanks for your advice! A few weeks ago I looked up a guide about it, but couldn’t find anything. Now, there are apparently lots of them lol, indeed mentioning the upsurge method.

I’m enjoying it and with the update am more motivated again to keep playing. I noticed that I need something to strive for in this game. When I reached HR7 and did the final quest, all there was left to do was finishing optional quest and forging extra armor or weapons. I did not really find that motivating. Because, why create even more armor when there is no new quest/challenge to use it in? Now that HR is unlocked, seeing that progress bar alone motivates me LOL. How’s that for you? I see you’ve played a LOT more already
about 1 month ago

Backlog Beaten: September 19, 2018
Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Yeah the game has been so streamlined at this point it's amazing that you can go in for 30 mins and get a couple of online hunts done, something that never happened in World due to lobby issues or waiting for a sub 10 min SOS to join, online was a huge turn off unless you had friends online.

What makes me so excited about Rise at this point is all the extra content that's going to be coming out, the base game is already fantastic but with the true ending coming, new/classic monsters, and hopefully a G/Master rank expansion coming the skys the limit at this point!

A lot of people are saying the wire bug moves make hunts too easy but I think there going to have some plans for that in G rank, maybe a monster counter? like if Rajang grabbing your Wire bug and throwing you back into the fight would be insane
about 1 month ago

Backlog Beaten: September 19, 2018
Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Tried my best with that purple flames pre theme, but it was really hard to make it dark without being annoying and find some nice Purple flame PNGs Main theme is up now though!

I was always surprised when I went back to try out the Sword and Shield in Iceborne, but I wasn't expecting that to be the best at beating Fatalis that sounds crazy O.o HBG sound rough! I hardly ever use the long-range weapons in MH, but I've been trying to mix up my weapons in Rise a lot more especialy in the Village quests as i'm way ahead on Hub ones atm

Looks like you had some really good runs of that spreadsheet info, I'd say that's easily worth the for World at this point

So Rise is finally here, and it feels like all that chat hyping it up still wasn't enough to reach what we got in the final game! I normaly get one or two games like this each year that I just want to constantly play as soon as I wake up and Rise has taken that crown so far in 2021!

What surprised me most of all are the extra QoL changes they added on top of what they did with World/Iceborne - Instent Fast travel, Instent Matchmaking (+ Lack of cut scene watching), Wire bug mobility, one press resource collection, best buddy system ever and removal of Hot/Cold Drinks it's so easy to do everything now!!

Regarding combat it's been perfection, I've been using hammer / charge blade mostly but exploring with bow/others in village quests (The hammer wire bug attack is so satisfying) as for monsters Goss Harag & Somnacanth are my current favorite new monsters at the moment with Magnamalo shortly following behind them (I imagine he's saving a few moves for High rank)
about 2 months ago

Backlog Beaten: September 19, 2018
Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Flippin' knew you'd get Rise a day early!

about 2 months ago

Backlog Beaten: September 19, 2018
Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Yeah if I ever go back to BOTW at this point I'll just do a All Shrine / Devine Beast run and call it at that
Getting all the main story things, quests, armour maxed out, big monsters beaten & Sword Trials done was great on my first Master Mode run, but as jenius as those mini puzzles are sometimes the Korok seeds where always an after thought after unlocking all the equipment slots.

I remember the Trials getting easier and easier too when I originaly did them and by the final room I had a stockpile of Ancient arrows to deal with the Lynal and most of the other enemies (I think it was the one with horse Bokoblins and one of each guardian too) it was a real nice ending to a tough few days.

We all somehow collectively through that Champion's Road was Galaxy 2s Grandmaster Galaxy in the end, so after jumping in we did a collective facepalm as we knew the speed booster segment was coming up
Luckly after the chaos of those blocks that swap on the beat and camera not being able to keep up with more that 1 person at a time we finished it in 20 try's and took 5 more for the Toad finish (He wasn't allowed to move and was banned for causing so much trouble in past worlds )

Total death count was 981 by the end with most of them coming from 7-3 as everyone was being incredibly stuborn about wanting to finish that level alone

I should be used to your challenges at this point but they still somehow manage to suprise me every time haha
I couldn't imagine doing a solo Fatalis Hunt with my main weapon class never mind all 14! what was the hardest weapon for a solo KO? I'm guessing duel blades and maybe one of the bow guns? Regarding Generations that Nakarkos health is just mental I bet someone it Capcom got a kick out of that haha

Less than 1 week till Rise now!
about 2 months ago

Backlog Beaten: September 19, 2018
Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Nice job on getting BOTW done so soon!

Thought it was going to take you way longer to 100% but was pretty confident you would get it done before Rise! (And that's all that matters really!)

How did you find the Master Sword trials to close everything off?

Wasn't able to get the gang together for 3D World last weekend but that gave me the perfect chance to start and 100% Bowsers Fury! Brilliant edition to an already fantastic game with some generally fantastic moments, climbing the windmill for the first time while Bowser attacks was easily a highlight moment along with trying to get 3 cat shines in a row to reach 50 and the ending where Plessie belly flopping Bowser! that got me so good XD - Hopefully... (famous last words) we’ll beat Champions Road this weekend and i'll have that total death count for the lot of us.. It’s..... not looking so good even now.... -_-

Heard that the latest presentation on Rise was a total blow out on everything!
So happy I managed to stay away from it this time, but it's been a absolute nightmare trying to avoid it on news sites recently, the advert algorithm must be loosing its mind at this point with me not watching it!

Monthly DLC along with a big Iceborne style expansion is what I really want to see too. It worked so well for World with keping new players coming in for the entire duration and being able to catch up on everything if you just came back after a break from it.

Just 2 weeks off now I'd better start getting my theme ready too!

- "Fatalis Solo Hunts with all 14 weapon types" What...
about 2 months ago

Backlog Beaten: September 19, 2018
Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Ok that Kokori seed count is looking so much better now! and saving the Master Sword trial for last is definitely going to help you forget at least! (for better or for worse)

"Cruel endurance and determination training" is an understatment even for one 100% run it sounds like

7-3 was a total nightmare but in the next session we started by going back to the old levels and clearing up Green stars, Golden flags and extra character compilations so that helped us recover and get back on track! I'd love a friends fire off button for items (those blasted bullet bill boxes) and for pick up onto another button like ZR or something so many mistakes where made by picking someone up and throwing them to there death (Agreed! they need to zoom that camera out more if they do another)

Luckly i'm saving Bowsers Fury for some chill local Co-op at the end of this grand adventure of betrayals and tyranny

That Pro Controller and SE Amiibo was a instent pre-order for me! I was going to get the Switch but I actually ended up getting the Mario one instead (OG Switch's fan was starting to play up) Looks beautiful and the better screen + added battery are bigger editions that I was expecting.

Feels like Rise is just around the corner now! Got a 4 day weekend already booked off work, so i'm ready to dive in launch day and get hunting! I think after World the focus on action is a welcome change I mean we can't ignore Fatalis being one of the hardest fights in the series but 4U just felt higher stakes in each fight especialy in the end game. I feel like Ichinose really taylors to the more advance player so i'm excited to see the depth of the systems he's added. You think well get a Ultimate or Iceborne DLC pack for Rise btw? I'll be going dark on Rise too now just to keep the experience as new a possible at the end of the month.

about 3 months ago (edited)

Backlog Beaten: September 19, 2018
Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
I felt like they built on the og BOTW style while adding in classic elements from past Zelda games - all the new shrines felt next level and original, the final divine Beast felt closer to an old Zelda Dungeon without loosing it's identity, the final boss being a Monk was just perfection and you got the bike at the end of it all probs one of the best rewards for finishing a Zelda game ever!

Looks like you've made good progress with the Korok seeds since we last spoke but man.. that grind.. I just couldn't

5-6 was so funny I don't think i've ever seen people as stubern before in my life (myself included) It wasn't about clearing the level anymore it was about winning with no survivors.
We just did 7-3 today and man that was terrific, after many many lost lives 3 of us managed to take the right pipe path and end up on the high ground ready to get the golden flagpole but one person took the wrong split in the pipe and ended up on ground level. The drawn out nooooooooo0000000oooo as they flew off was comedy gold

Still can't get over the amount of stuff that's in MH Rise I was a tad worried that it not being a numbered entry and World doing so well it would be a lesser game but nope! looks like the best one yet! Pre order the Special edition and got that new pro controller too Nice job on that Rampage prediction too pretty much spot on!

Edit: Rainbow Run was absolutely brutal!!!!!
about 3 months ago (edited)

Backlog Beaten: September 19, 2018
Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Edit: I just saw the 77 Koroks

I'd had my fill of Koroks once I got all the item slots on both files tbh I love the fact they're in the world and that even the smallest play session can reward you with 1/3 seeds if your looking for them but overall I like the fact there's stuff I still haven't seen in that game and can remember it as an endless experience. Good luck and Happy Hunting however

I think it's well worth doing the sword trials in Master mode for sure! You mite have some regret while playing it but it's so amazing when you get that perfect run!!! It was the last thing I did after the DLC on Master Mode and it felt like this games version of Champions Road. Very Challenging but also very satisfying!

Quick update on Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin very happy to report that everythings come into it's own now and non character related activaties have rampted up tenfold! Combat, level design, farming etc
Very Pleased and still a great slow burn game
about 3 months ago

Backlog Beaten: September 16, 2020
Legendary Weapon: 5 or fewer unfinished games
Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
So curious, what new things are you finding yourself appreciating on the Master Mode playthrough?
Patiently waiting for the Rise 3.0 update!