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about 6 years ago

Backlog Beaten: August 21, 2014
Backlog Completed: September 27, 2014
Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Treasure Hunter: 1000+ games
Hey! Happy anniversary! I dig the color scheme, too; it kinda reminds me of the desert area in the SMS version of OutRun.

I actually don't remember what game I was talking about. Maybe it even was Golden Sun.

The thing I don't like about Fire Emblem is that I suck at Strategy games. They seem like good games with excellent production values, but it's not something that I could play and enjoy.

I don't know if I've "found myself" so much as I've discovered that there is more than one of me; I think I'm like one of those creepy Vedic/Hindu deities with the 3 faces, like an Asura or something. [Link] Okay, that's not an Asura; that's the Hindu Holy Trinity, but you know what I mean. I don't define myself by my profession, either; it's what I do to make money, but it's not part of who I am, and I think that's a point of confusion for a lot of people.

I don't think it'd even be all that bad for this waifu culture to exist, but it's become prevalent enough that it's seeping into actual character design in games and TV shows. Like, anime tropes have been a thing for a long time and whatever; everything has tropes. The thing that bothers me is that now, a lot of cartoons don't so much have those tropes as they revolve around them. It's like they went from little flecks of color here and there to being the whole damn kaleidoscope. Ever see that Spongebob episode where he rips his pants, and it's funny, but then he keeps doing it over and over again to try to be funny, but it's not funny anymore? It's like that.
about 6 years ago

Backlog Beaten: August 21, 2014
Backlog Completed: September 27, 2014
Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Treasure Hunter: 1000+ games
Unintentionally, I assure you; I'm not a big Dr. Who fan. He's right, though, and so are you. There are some neat things to be found sprinkled throughout the years, but would you really want to go back? Like, back to a time when the Internet wasn't a thing? Back to when you could only listen to a whole album or try to fast-forward to the exact skip a song? Fucking mix tapes? Please; I have 2-and-a-half THOUSAND songs on the crappy MP3 player I bought almost 10 years ago, and it's not even close to full. No, I think I'll stay right here in 2017, as opposed to the bad old days.

Oh, I get it; things have been pretty shit here, too. You know where to find me if you need me, though.

Ha! I figured you weren't hinting at me; the only time anyone ever leered at me was because I was wearing leather pants and a shirt made entirely out of pink Saran Wrap.

What can I say? I'm an old lady; I like older men.

Sweetie, that's not Billy Joe Armstrong; that's Adam Lambert. He's a Pop star, I think. I mean, he doesn't have any interest in me - he's gay - but I do find him attractive.

That's... not something I hear a lot of people say; I have a lot of respect for that. I think the stories in the newer ones are pretty bad; they just go out of their way to make them as convoluted and bullshitty as possible. I usually play them for the actual gameplay (because they're still Role-Playing Games), but sometimes, the story is so aggressively bad that I can't ignore it. Oh, and minigames...

Well, since we've last spoken, I've abandoned the idea of getting a PS4, as well; every single game that looks good to me is available on PC, and guess who just built a brand new beast? I'm not all about joining that "PC Master Race" thing, but I'm definitely having a blast catching up on, like, 30 years of games that I missed out on. 20 because the last PC game I bought was Duke Nukem 3D, and 10 more, because we had mostly Apple computers until this millennium.
about 6 years ago (edited)

Right Hand of Bak'laag: 1000+ unfinished games
Treasure Hunter: 1000+ games

Frankly, i doubt Suicide Squad even made any kind of dent on Will Smith's career, since he did star on Collateral Beauty just some month after, didn't watch that movie, looked kinda boring, and i passed on it after hearing it was a dull redo of his role in "Seven Pounds", which i quite liked. Margot Robbie had already a good career, but her role as Harley did help a lot of making her known to a larger crowd (and deserved it, she's the best thing to come out of that mess, really energetic and fitting perfomrnace), no doubt about that. Didn't see that Tarzan movie too, sorry. XD

Lot of wank- sorry, simple persons (and even less simple ones, let's be honest) watched Transformers because it had Megan Fox in it, not surprised many watched Wonder Woman simply because of Gal Gadot (great name, btw!). I would disagree that it was made mostly for men, and even it was made specifically for a female audience (yes, it had those "female only" screenings, but who cares, honestly, i really don't that they happened, didn't hurt anything... besides the fragile ego of keyboard wankers, fuck them). I liked a lot... apart from the ending part, a bit too cheesy, even if it meant well. XD

Aquaman it's the punchline of the DC universe (i think), so yeah, i'm gonna bet on it's movie because i wanna be surprised.

The Entertainer by Kenneth Branagh.... i liked it a lot, i found it a bit too wordy in some parts, but i think it managed to be funny while quite uncomfortable at times, i really can't compare or go in much deatils due to my experience of plays and the fact i was it 6 months ago. Still, i'd say it was worth it.


about 6 years ago

Right Hand of Bak'laag: 1000+ unfinished games
Treasure Hunter: 1000+ games
(no need to apologize, i red what you wrote, i've been through it too, but i won't claim to know it like you do, because i don't. So let's talk about videogames n stuff, it's more fun to do that, i'd say. )

I should have said "platformer", they only did Nin2-Jump. Another one on my "bought it on sale, still not touched it" pile of shame/backlog.

Nintendo mobile offerings so far baffle me, since Miitomo was basically a pseudo social network not to quite that, felt like a Mii-zed version of (played it - so to say - for the first 2 week, reviewed it and then quietly forgot it, there was so little of any significance to do and it wasn't even a proper social network), Super Mario Run had the business model i prefer, but costed way too much for mobile, and was so disappointing, i played the free 2 levels, was unimpressed and pretty much any review of it echoed this sentiment (even more because it was quite damn short for a 10 bucks app with little replayability and a tacked on "kindgom/house building" thingie).

And then FE Heroes. i had some hope for it, but frankly wasn't better than the thousand of these free-to-play anime/esque rpg called "gachas" (since the random lottery style way of acquiring characters and resources), and any kind of balance is destroyed by the free-to-play shite stuff. And sadly this one is the most profitable one for Nintendo.

I would love to see the Animal Crossing title for mobile they teased some time ago, it would make perfect sense on mobile, hope they don't fuck it up with microtransactions and the trapping of this forsaken business model where nothing is free.

Sadly, no, saddled ostrichs aren't a thing here... yet. XD I frankly would ride anything to avoid using the car.

I have to say i did kinda cave in and i bought some amiibo (splatoon ones and some others, did wait a while to avoid the goddamn scalpers and nintendo making so few of these things when they first launch them), so i really can't cast any stones now, still can't imagine spending the prices i see for the more elaborate and refined - at least from what i understand - one, but whatever, it's your money.

Actually, though, stuff like Granblue and FGO (Fate Grand Order) (not so much Kancolle, from what i red, it relies more on figures and merchandise) does make a lot more moolah via microtransactions, since there is a notable minority of players who drops unbelievable amount of real cash in the game (de humanizedly called "whales". (CONTINUES)
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