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Tactics Ogre: Let us cling together PAL

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(U) Unfinished ?No significant accomplishments.     (B) Beaten ?The main objective has been accomplished. Usually marked by the defeat of a final boss and/or viewing of credits.     (C) Completed ?For games which are 100% done. All extras and modes have been unlocked and finished. All significant items have been collected.
9 (U)
6 (B)
15 (C)
Wishlist  0 ?         Top-Rated  1 ?????         Master Runs  3 (M)
Wii C O M P L E T E ! 2 Total
PlayStation 3 6 (U) 3 (B) 9 (C) 18 Total
PlayStation Network 2 (U) 0 (B) 0 (C) 2 Total
PlayStation Portable 1 (U) 2 (B) 0 (C) 3 Total
PlayStation 2 BEAT 1 (B) 4 (C) 5 Total
All Games 30 Total
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06/14/09 at 12:12 PM EDT

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Confused: Playing 10+ games at once
Ehi Suppa, grazie mille per la segnalazione!!
Ma di che anno รจ? Non l'ho proprio mai sentito! O__O
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