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Jump Force
Goku, Hisoka, and my OP character are who I'm maining

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☆☆★★★ Worst part about this game are the loading screens. Don't let someone tell you it's a terrible game however. Sure, the cutscenes and story suck. But have those ever been good in a fighting game? The combat is what shines through in this experience and I've enjoyed my level grinding. I'm closing in on 100% trophy completion and I think I'll stop when I achieve that.
Ghost of Tsushima
Surpassed my expectations in most aspects and overall is hard to put down.

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★★★★★ Sucker Punch's new game is a visually immaculate 1200's Japan, where you play as one of the last remaining samurai during the Mongolian invasion. There is a fleshed out story behind your character Jin, but what I've really enjoyed is creating my own warrior. Choosing how to approach situations feels actualized and the consequences are real. Will you strike from the shadows as a thief would, or die trying to fight honorably face-to-face? Playing on hard has really gave this decision weight.
Yo dis game is fun

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about 5 months ago (edited)

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Poisoned: 3+ new games in a row
Top 20 favorite games:
Walking Dead
The Last of Us
Bioshock Infinite
Uncharted Trilogy
Max Payne Trilogy
Final Fantasy Tactics
Halo 3
Super Smash Bros (Series)
Fallout 3
Knights of the Old Republic
The Witcher 3
Alien: Isolation
Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Battlefield 1
Red Dead Redemption 2
Divintiy: Original Sin II
Breath of the Wild
God of War
Animal Crossing

Best Trilogy: Max Payne (PS2, PS3)

Best FPS I've played: Bioshock Infinite (PS3, PS4)

Best RPG I've played: The Witcher 3 (PS4)

Best Storytelling: The Last of US (PS3, PS4)

Best Survival game I've played: Alien: Isolation (PS4)

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