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Fei is still in the robot. I assume he and Bart will be BFFL because beating people up is how you befriend them in Xenogears.

Updated about 6 hours ago

Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica
[Phase 5] + 1 Sister, - 1 Mother. Off to persuade the Goddess to let us sing up some land.

Updated about 2 weeks ago

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix
Off to Atlantica (nooooooooo)

Updated about 4 months ago

Dark Cloud 2 / Dark Chronicle
Chapter 2: Inching through Sindain. I feel like I’m doing this game wrong because I am not the slightest bit interested in building towns or weapons

Updated about 11 months ago

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book
Finished the first alchemy book! I swear, this game is like popcorn.

Updated about 1 year ago

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
Tragically, Lenneth's quest to claim souls for Asgard has been foiled by my sheer inability to work out how to pick up items.

Updated about 1 year ago

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about 4 months ago

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Confused: Playing 10+ games at once

KH2: Off to Atlantica (nooooooooo)

If this nooooooooo is in reaction to bad KH1 memories...OH BOY!
about 6 months ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
"Someone needs to save this poor child from Team Q. And Team C need to bang."
this is the only correct response to ZTD
about 7 months ago

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Confused: Playing 10+ games at once
The fight against the backlog continues forevermore!