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Comet Crash
My favorite tower defense to date. Achievements: 100 / 100 (100%)

Updated about 8 years ago

Mind-numbing... Achievements: 28 / 100 (28%)

Updated about 8 years ago

PixelJunk Eden: Encore
Awesome new stuff... Achievements: 70 / 70 (100%)

Updated about 8 years ago

Super Stardust Portable
This is an amazing adaptation of SSHD! It's so freaking awesome!

Updated about 9 years ago    |    Online Info High scores not yet reported...


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05/29/10 at 11:42 AM EDT

boo! hahahaah
04/08/09 at 6:42 AM EDT

Sweet, you reminded me to update my page! I beat Runaway and added Flower. Considered adding CC... decided not to, or I might actually start playing obsessively like your whole dorm. XD Love your echochrome layout~

PS. Took VP: Covenant of the Plume off my wishlist because reviews are out and it looks shitty. I'll wait for a real VP prequel! :'(
03/14/09 at 2:11 PM EDT

Yo. What is the difference between PSN and PS3? Are they games such as AoB where it doesn't come on a CD that qualify as PSN games?
03/12/09 at 3:35 AM EDT

Nope, don't have a Neogaf account. Should I?
03/07/09 at 3:43 PM EST

YES!!! So freaking cute! The red looks kind of sinister... which just makes it that much more awesome. I mean, GIRL is pretty freaky.
03/06/09 at 8:54 PM EST

Nice banner! Heh, next you should make a Noby Noby Boy one.
I like that you work to 100% games before getting too many new ones. That's willpower!
Denalin's backloggery!