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Civilization V
Won my first game. On to the next difficulty. Achievements: 31 / 287 (11%)

Updated about 6 years ago

Final Fantasy 10 HD
Starting a new game with my lady.

Updated about 6 years ago

Bravely Default
Almost to chapter 3.Trying to unlock Ranger.

Updated about 6 years ago

☆★★★★ First play through complete at 58:24 . Great battle system and a great job system. The second half of the game does feel tacked on, but on this second play-through, I am going to focus more on the story instead of my builds.
Diablo 3
Witch Doctor is capped, working on Barb.

Updated about 6 years ago

★★★★★ 2.0 makes Diablo the game it should have been. Stoked for the expansion.

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