What is the Backloggery?

The Backloggery was created to encourage people to play their games and get their video game backlogs under control, mostly by providing a visual breakdown of their game collection. Over the years we've generalized a bit to better accommodate those that don't mind having a backlog but still enjoy using the site.

Am I supposed to enter every game I have ever played?

No. Ideally, only the games you own should be included in your backlog. Helping you decide what to play next is one of the main functions of the site, and you usually can't play something you don't own. That said, in this mysterious new digital era, ownership is becoming a fuzzy thing. There's no hard and fast rules here, so think it over and do what works best for you.

How do I know which status to use for my games?

Below is a short list of general rules we've developed to help encourage common usage of the status medals across the site. However, there is no getting away from the subjective nature of this process. In the end, the final decision is up to each individual user. No set of rules will ever be able to fit all games. The rules for Completed games are designed with the intent to have the player experience the entire game without being completely obsessive. Hopefully this list will help point you in the right direction:

How do the badges work?

Badges are represented by small icons next to a user's avatar. Most badges are automatically awarded after certain conditions have been met. Likewise, they automatically disappear if said conditions no longer apply to your Backloggery statistics.

Legendary Weapon 5 or fewer unfinished games
Minion of Bak'laag 100+ unfinished games
Herald of Bak'laag 500+ unfinished games
Right Hand of Bak'laag 1000+ unfinished games
Consider Yourself a Hero Majority of games are beaten
Master of Unlocking Majority of games are completed
Treasure Hunter Own 1000+ games
Poisoned Add 3+ new games in a row
On Fire Beat/complete 3+ games in a row
Invincible Beat/complete 10+ games in a row
Cursed Add 10+ new games in a row
Sleep Not playing anything
Focus Only playing one game
Confused Playing 10+ games at once

The following badges are for landmark dates in your backlogging career. Unlike the other badges, these are not automatic and must be requested. If you have met either or both of the following criteria, please let the staff know by using the Contact Us form. To simplify the process and cut down on fakes, please make this request while your unfinished game count is zero or it is obvious from your history that it was recently zero. (Be careful of those stealth updates.)

Backlog Beaten You cleared your backlog!
Backlog Completed Your entire backlog is 100% complete!

There's one other special badge:

Gold Ring It's the day you joined the site! Happy backloggiversary!

More badges are likely to be created in the future.

Do you have a forum?

We do not have a forum and there are no plans to create one. The site was designed with the goal of encouraging people to play their games and we've been very pleased to see the discussion in the comments has remained largely focused on that. Forums are great, but they generally focus on industry news, upcoming titles, and the community itself. In the end, we think a forum would only serve to draw attention away from the main focus of the site and what makes it unique.

Will you make a smartphone app?

Very unlikely. We only have a single programmer and having to create/maintain an app in addition to updating and maintaining the website is just too much work. However, when the site remake is finished rolling out, the website should be much more user-friendly on smartphones.

What about social network integration?

We have no plans at this time. Something like Twitter might happen in the future if we can figure out how to make it less robotic and spammy.

I've sent in a question but I haven't gotten a reply. Do you read them?

Yes! We read every bit of feedback. We're a small staff, so if it's a suggestion we probably won't reply, but we take every each piece of feedback into account.

Can I change my username?

We unfortunately can't change usernames at this time. However, after the site remake finishes rolling out and the new backend is in place, we'll be able to make this happen. It will probably only be available in a limited capacity to help prevent impersonation.