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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Achievements: 26 / 75 (35%)

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☆★★★★ Unmodded Review: Skyrim is an expansive yet shallow game. Its strength lies in its large and immersive meticulously hand crafted open world with almost countless dungeons, and (often) their accompanying quests. These correspond with numerous gameplay systems intertwined with each other to ensure you always have something to do. However this quantity comes at the cost of quality: The story and characters are shallow, dungeons get repetitive, and even the mechanics by themselves are shallow.
Gran Turismo 2

Updated about 2 months ago

★★★★★ Gran Turismo was revolutionary for popularizing the sim racing genre. The sequel was revolutionary for packing a ridiculous amount of content. 650 cars are featured including city cars, sports cars, muscles, rally, race cars, and even unique historic and concept cars, all of which can be tuned to adjust the power and handling to your liking. The regular, rally, endurance races and license tests total in 50 hours of playtime. To top it all off, GT2 is also one of the best looking games on PS1.
Chrono Trigger

Updated about 3 months ago

★★★★★ The story is charming with few needed twists. It involves a time travel plot which allows the party to visit the same world at different periods, leading to a variety of settings. The characters designed by Akira Toriyama are well written and memorable. Battle system is a mixture of Action and Turn-Based where you can navigate around the enemies in world map, but if you come into contact with one the game switches to ATB2 system from Final Fantasy. Overall a very well rounded and polished JRPG.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Achievements: 148 / 167 (89%)

Updated about 8 months ago

★★★★★ CS is one of the best competitive FPS out there, and GO updates it with better graphics, new modes including Arms Race, matchmaking, and microtransactions. Matchmaking is its biggest selling point, as finding players with the same skill to play with is essential to a good multiplayer experience. However weapon skins that were free in previous games are now paid items, some of which (like a bright orange sniper rifle) break the mood of the game. GO would've been a perfect game if not for this.

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