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Batman Arkham Asylum
[Beat: 8/15/12] A really good super hero game!

Updated about 9 years ago

Cross X Edge
This is one my first ps3 games I ever bought and still have not beaten it yet. I will beat this now or at least try to.

Updated about 9 years ago

The Ico & The shadow of the Colossus Collection: Shadow of the Colossus
[Beat: 8/3/12] A really great game just did not like the last part of the game wish I could change it.

Updated about 9 years ago

Samurai Warriors: Chronicles
[Beat: 7/31/12] A fun hack and slash game for the 3ds!

Updated about 9 years ago


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about 9 years ago

Oh, did they? It's good to hear. Graces hasn't been released in Europe yet, but I know for sure that Abyss was quite discrete in its release. How unfortunate.
Was Graces that preordered? Amazing! I really hope it does well. But with a bit of advertising and mouth-to-ear, it should be cool. It's one of those "good RPG for the PS3" that everyone seems to long for.
Well, meh. The EU PSP version has the same horrid dub as the old American PSone version. I'm not saying it was bad, as it was already cool that a game had a dub at this time, but it was really, REALLY bad. I didn't know there was a glitch though, this sucks. :/

Yeah, I heard that too. Well actually they're already making the DLC because, you know, the game ends with a beautiful "To be continued" and doesn't resolve any of the main issues of the game. <_< I loved XIII-2, but the story most certainly ended in a bizarre way. I know that feel about DLC though, and I always said that a game should NOT be released as incomplete. When you release a game, you make sure it's entirely finished and doesn't make the player pay for something that should have been in the game in the first place. Like, take Graces f. It has a lot of costumes you can buy as DLC, and I'm fine with this as it's only side content for fun. But an entire part of the story? It's ridiculous. I most certainly hope Versus doesn't have the same problem, but as I said, I'm not really looking forward to it. Yes, I used to love Square, but their new policy is awful.

You didn't know you had Nocturne? xD That's a huge backlog you got alright! Be careful though, the game is really hard, and most people would recommend playing DDS first, as it's easier. And yes, if you plan to play DDS, you should play the second one right away, but I believe there is a short recap at the beginning, so it should still be good if you wander off to other games between the two.

I can understand, this tower was insane and so repetitive! Urgh. Well you're the same as me, P3 was my first SMT game, and I regret nothing. Thank god that PSP remake was released, or else I would have probably not thought about the series.

Yes, I have. And huh, everyone may say that it's the greatest RPG of this generation or whatever, but I personnaly hated it. But it's just my opinion and I'm the minority here, a lot of people loved it. You will see where you stand when you get it, but yes, it IS good to finally have some RPG for the Wii. I still have to get TLS though.
about 9 years ago

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Confused: Playing 10+ games at once
Well, as for me, I've beaten Symphonia, Abyss (I own both PS2 and 3DS, still working on 3DS), Vesperia, and Dawn of the New World. I have Legendia, but I've been preoccupied with a few other games. My cousin let me borrow Radiant Mythologies, and I'm almost done with that. After I finish Legendia and RM, he's gonna let me borrow Phantasia, so that just leaves Destiny, which I can't seem to find. It'd be hard to say which Tales is my favorite, so I'll just go with Symphonia. I plan on getting Graces f over the summer. I've seen gameplay and it looks great.
about 9 years ago

Sorry for not answering you in so long. I uh, forgot. You can hit me, I deserve it.

Yeah, it's pretty obvious Xillia's sale will depends on how good Graces f and Abyss do. Okay, no, how good Graces do. I'm pretty sure Abyss won't make it so big. :/ Though we got Graces thanks to fan demand; and there are pretty good chances Innocence and Hearts will come over here, so we'll just have to wait and see what the future of the series will be made of.
SERIOUSLY? $70 is ridiculous! I hope you can find it at a reasonable price. :/
Yay! :D As I said, I used to be an awful troll, but I got better. XIII-2 is so, sooo good. About Versus, I can't really say. I mean, yeah, I'm definitely going to get it when it comes out, and it looks pretty cool, but I'm not particularly waiting for it or expecting it to be the game of the century, you know? xD

Weeell, the first Digital Devil Saga is very short (for normal people it takes just about 25-30h to beat it. For slowpokes like me, it takes 50+ hours. xD) If you play it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, it was a wonderful experience; it even made me cry.
(You actually never beat Persona 3? Thou are insane, the game is gold!)
iTz PhAZe