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Stephen's Sausage Roll
After taking a day off from the game I came back and beat the first puzzle I chose in about 7 minutes, so I'm gonna stop for the day and be happy :)

Updated about 4 hours ago

Skater Cally
She was a Skater Cally, she skated down that alley, this game isn't good enough for me~

Updated about 22 hours ago

Super Mario 3d Land
Got an ending (missed a coin in the last stage, bit salty about that), now to check out all the bonus content.

Updated about 2 days ago

I am up to the "T" set of levels, and assume it goes up to "Z", although the reward score just went from a max of 99 to 999...

Updated about 1 week ago

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about 2 days ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
RE: SSR, the third area is where I started to click with what the game was doing after being unsure at first (area 1's grilling-by-quadrants gave me a ton of trouble) -- I think I may actually appreciate the game's approach to teaching even more than its mechanics as the latter are really just there in service of the former. The game crafts spaces where new concepts are introduced in ways that can feel like accidents (I can't think of another game that more consistently evokes that elusive feeling of serendipity), but after that each puzzle in an area is usually designed to illustrate a particular possibility the new concept brought about, being small enough in scope with suspicious elements to its arrangement to nudge you towards making that discovery yourself; it's almost archaeological, like you're working backwards to construct an understanding of why a room was built the way it was to fill the gap in knowledge (and hey this ties into the stone tablets and visual design!).

I think this is why the puzzles have such individuality that I remember linchpins years later, as they're about this process of discovery and the surprising ways that consequences can explode from introducing something as seemingly mundane as a wall or ladder, rather than just being a logical test of what you already know. Puzzles like Cold Ladder and Cold Jag are brilliant at making you learn by doing; I'm not sure they could be made much more concise w/o ceasing to be puzzles. RE: Cold Frustration I remember stumbling upon the same thing as you and laughing out loud, although as far as I can tell that is one of the game's few red herrings.

But area 3's concept may be one of the trickier ones to grasp; if you're having trouble I'd suggest trying different puzzles in the area as the game doesn't make a lot of presumptions about which corollaries a player might find easier to see than others. I'm guessing the next area will go more smoothly for you, and most of my favorite moments in the game are still ahead.

One thing that's easy to miss is you can revisit old puzzles from the menu w/o losing progress, similar to DROD. There were several subtle bugs with reload/restart/undo that I spent hours trying to root out, so if you still run into something like that, I'll take the blame >_>

Also: still on track for Tropical Freeze after finishing NSMBU. Also starting another game soon (that you're familiar with~) but I can play that & TF at the same time.
about 5 days ago

Legendary Weapon: 5 or fewer unfinished games
Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Focus: Only playing one game
I pretty much know it doesn't count, I was being very cheeky about the B. You could say it stands for "Bait" in this case, which you gleefully took.

You know, I never did look up the ending to Infamous (you could forgive me for not caring) so, let's see...


Oh good, there's nothing more I love than stupid time travel BS. I'm you from the Bad Future? Yeesh. Although I say that but was planning on playing Zero Time Dilemma after, joke's on me I guess.

I also played through Second Son. I figured, new console, been a few years, I could give the series another chance. It was...fine, but it was also one of my first PS4 games and was long before I experienced the Great Triple A Burnout, so that 3-star rating is maybe....tenuous.
about 5 days ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
RE: Momodora, I guess I feel it's relatively close to being stage-based already and while the encounters are not that great, the combat/bosses stand out to me more than what it does as an interconnected world although I do see some opportunities there (when I was first transformed I hoped its affliction was permanent and would change how I'd have to approach old areas... my mind was racing w/ excitement until I realized it's just a crawl ability that's clunky to switch to). I don't think this is the kind of game like Hollow Knight, ESA, or Toki Tori 2 where removing the more open elements would strip much of its character.

RE: Sonic, yeah if Mania doesn't get 4 stars from you there's really no hope v_v

But seriously I'm not sure my enjoyment of Good Sonic is very sophisticated... I enjoy replaying stages more skillfully/fluidly, but I think that is more of a side effect than the point for me; after all, I've played through the game about a dozen times now but barely touched Time Attack mode. The appeal for me may be the ride as well, or rather the aesthetic-mechanic-whirlwind of it all (and the forward motion of a continuous journey played in 1-2 sittings). I think there's a cohesion and spectacle there that most AAA games don't even really have.

I may have some deep-wired childhood muscle memory for the physics though, as I have seen people who are fine w/ other platformers struggle to control Sonic here; there must be some skill to board the ride in the first place that I may have internalized or take for granted.

Echoes is on the backburner as I want to play it with a couple others so I haven't played too far yet, plus the first main region (Agon Wastes) is not exactly something that makes me want to play more, but it's not too late for the game yet.

I played a bit of Infamous Second Son; it has probably the worst early combat sequence I've seen in this type of game, and 30 min later I had already seen half the map -- no interest in retreading that space for hours more just to do bad missions inside it. The characters were also horrible (w/o any FC3-like satire to possibly justify it), I don't recommend it.

I found the initial puzzles in SSR the biggest hump to overcome; not that it's all downhill from there (later puzzles are definitely harder), but I found the opening was the largest psychological barrier (and maybe the Great Tower until I realized it was a tutorial puzzle in the guise of a boss puzzle -- I had more trouble with Twisty Farm).
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