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Iconoclasts Subscription
I almost want to commend the game for being willing to take away my weapon for that long.

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God of War
Bested the final valkyrie (which is a beast), stumbled upon a second ending and... still never found that final realm tear. Shame.

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Batman: The Telltale Series Subscription
I have to admit, I like the way this game twists one of the key tenants of the Batman mythos (episode 2 complete).

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about 4 hours ago (edited)

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
On Fire: 3 beat or complete in a row
I think your hint may be a nice way of telling me to learn2play. My problem is that these valkyries are now killing me in 2-3 hits. I need to get more consistent and/or have better equipment, there's a number of sidequests I haven't done.

The game's difficulty is odd in that the optional enemies can be quite strict or level-centric (I came back to higher level lake enemies that 2-shotted me earlier and easily defeated them), yet I have not died to an enemy in a main story mission since the second troll in the game, before even reaching the lake. Although actually, that guy was optional too.

That imprecise, spongey feeling to the blades is my least favorite kind of weapon and feedback in a beat 'em up/stylish action game. I liked how they showed up here, story-wise, but Kratos needed to put them away again. The axe's runic attacks are more interesting crowd control tools, but I'm slopping through most enemies with the blades now. They're boring.

The boy comments on Kratos' sky lantern. Hint: Kratos sets something on fire that has a big sail.

I'm interested in your take on iconoclasts. Although it was far from my favorite game last year, for some reason it feels like one of the most memorable. Not in a memorable = good way, but just that I recall many things from the game in a vibrant way.

I actually played it on Hard after reading comments like yours on how easy it was, and being familiar with Konjak's other work, I figured 'Hard' was probably the intended Normal. But I think it ended up being a big mistake. Here is the thing: virtually every boss has a significant puzzle element, moreso than Noitu Love 2 or any of the Metroid or Treasure games it was inspired by. And that puzzle is probably going to be there regardless of difficulty... I think all Hard did was magnify the precision in executing the solution, which wasn't that fun in this game. IMO there are some significant issues with how the game conveys its boss puzzles anyway, so I don't think I would have loved the game on Normal or anything, but yeah.

And the dialogue is not going to let up, so get used to it. If you're like me, you may initially click through the dialogue out of tedious obligation to get on with things (it's awkward to read smoothly -- I don't think English is Konjak's first language), but find yourself nonetheless oddly invested against your better judgement with the world-building and spectacle of what happens to those characters as they wallow in their self-loathing.
about 1 day ago (edited)

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
YAY MORE ROOM AGAIN: It has been....*checks*....13 years since I binged through KH2 in an entire week because I was that excited for it. It seems like some other lifetime ago now. Do you remember the secret trailer you could unlock in KH1?


At that point I thought that was the greatest thing I'd ever seen. The animation was amazing (it's still really good, actually) and it created such an air of mystery that I couldn't wait to see what the next game held.

Who knew that this would end up being the most convoluted story in all of video games (I at least vaguely understand Metal Gear's ). KH1 was fairly straightforward good and evil, but KH2 is where things started to go off the rails (though I still enjoyed playing it). I played Birth by Sleep but I don't remember any of it other than being locked out of the final battle due to not finding enough Secret Reports, a requirement I didn't know existed.

Watching the story summary just made my head hurt after about 5 minutes. Ironically the game itself does have a "previously on Kingdom Hearts" archive that's a little less confusing. For all of its absurdity, it still comes down to Big Bad Guy has a plan to start a war and destroy the world, and you have to stop him! I can do that.

Congrats on also not nulling God of War! I'm also interested in reading SPG's thoughts when he gets done, as long as he can solve those pesky puzzles.

KH3 UPDATE: I might as well have gone into this game completely blind, all the YouTube and archival story summaries aren't helping much. A character I barely remember says "Hmm, I don't remember [person you're looking for], but the digital me inside the computer of the alternate world might!", he says with the same casual tone he might say "yeah, I've got the sniffles today." But everyone else understands him. Sure.

I also can't keep track of all the Organization XIII members, similar looking anime villains all wearing black hooded trench coats. Which one is the scar guy again? The purple hair? I don't know, they all matter apparently, especially this time because now they are called The Real Organization XIII, so I guess the ones from previous games were fake? *shrugs in JRPG*

I actually chose to play this over RDR2, which is sitting patiently on my shelf. Maybe you can stop me somehow. Or maybe this is in fact the beautiful disaster I was hoping RE6 was going to be.
about 1 week ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
On Fire: 3 beat or complete in a row
Okay now you have me curious. I was going to do a couple more valkyries, but maybe I will just progress the main quest (which I'm probably already overpowered for, anyway). I'm at the point where Atreus feels better and I'm supposed to go back to the center of Tyr's Temple.

My first valkyrie was when exiting the northern giant's area, second was in the cave under Freya's house (this one periodically summoned waves of enemies). Third... well, I thought there would be one in the Wild Woods, but it was just an arena of lesser enemies.

Possibly you were playing a beta version of God Hand, but you can actually see through walls in the production release as well. We'll have to find another way to determine your version... You didn't get the game from the same shady merchant who gave you that deal on Killer 7, did you?
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