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Final Fantasy IV
second playthrough!

Updated about 9 years ago

Metroid Prime Trilogy
Prime 1: 71% complete (gonna grab an item checklist) Prime 2: Just Beat Amboris and am at Torvus (oh gawd...glenchers)

Updated about 9 years ago

Sins Of a Solar Empire
great game, strategy fans should get it

Updated about 9 years ago    |    Online Info i play often as 'Admiral Ranulf'

The Orange Box: Team Fortress 2
if you have online, get this game...or the tails doll will kill you!

Updated about 9 years ago    |    Online Info i am laguzmage


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09/12/09 at 9:38 PM EDT

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
See ya around the internets, yes!
09/12/09 at 9:30 PM EDT (edited)

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
I'm going to do my best internet British accent and say "Cheers for the add, mate!" I need like a British smiley or something...

Anyways, people are funny. I know how to pronounce laguzmage, so no worries here. Then again, you never hear my voice so I guess it doesn't matter... I'll do my best to keep the names straight; I'll probably still call you Zenman on NL and switch to laguzmage when I see ya around here, but be warned: it's very possible I may write laguzman once or twice. I almost did last post.
09/12/09 at 9:16 PM EDT

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
I spend way too much time on this site, for no good reason, really. I'll have to remember Zenm-er, laguzmage from now on, Zen-er, laguzmage.

That doesn't suprise me very much. I've played some on Xbox Live, and it seemed most of the people using mikes were somewhat idiotic, to put it nicely. I can understand laguz, but mage? That's pretty bad.
advent FTW!