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about 3 months ago

Right Hand of Bak'laag: 1000+ unfinished games
Treasure Hunter: 1000+ games
Cursed: 10+ new games in a row
Focus: Only playing one game
Oh...okay. If you see any games of interest in my collection that I have either beaten or completed and want an opinion, just let me know. I would be happy to help out.

By the way, welcome to Backloggery!
about 4 months ago

Backlog Beaten: September 16, 2020
Legendary Weapon: 5 or fewer unfinished games
Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Hey! thank you for the add! What are you looking at playing next?
about 4 months ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Cursed: 10+ new games in a row
Lucifer is best girl!
Crudux Cruo