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A Little to the Left
Will try for a few more achievements but 100% is out of the question. Achievements: 39 / 47 (83%)

Updated about 6 months ago

☆☆★★★ Mixed feelings about this one. It's not nearly as accessible as I expected even from the demo. There's some straight up moon-logic well beyond even the Layton games on some of the levels. It's not really organizing so much as puzzle solving. Quite a few of the achievements I will likely never get as they require very fast reactions. Yes, you heard me, in this game, there are things that require reactions!
Beacon Pines
Achievements: 3 / 10 (30%)

Updated about 10 months ago


Updated about 2 years ago

Cats Organized Neatly
Level 28 Achievements: 6 / 20 (30%)

Updated about 3 years ago

Witch Way

Updated about 3 years ago

Sky Born
Forest dungeon Achievements: 9 / 24 (38%)

Updated about 3 years ago

even for rpgmaker, the controller support issues are janky af; slightly worried that playing on easy is going to bite me in the ass and i won't have enough levels for the final boss later
third key complete, exploring The Land Achievements: 2 / 6 (33%)

Updated about 4 years ago

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer
no idea, far

Updated about 4 years ago

Kind Words

Updated about 4 years ago

The First Tree
Area 2

Updated about 4 years ago

Paper Mario: Sticker Star
World 2-1 on fresh play-through (3-1 on original)

Updated about 4 years ago

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