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Picross 3D
Hard: Level 10-E. All puzzles 3-Star up to Hard: Level 8-E.

Updated about 4 days ago

☆★★★★ Like with the original, I am always coming back to this. Easy pick-up-and-play wherever you are. But wow there are a lot of puzzles.

Updated about 5 days ago

2nd stage 'Descent'. Struggling!

Updated about 3 weeks ago

3D Classics: Kid Icarus
Stage 1-4, 15,100. 203 hearts, 1 key

Updated about 3 weeks ago

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02/14/10 at 8:11 PM EST

Just noticed you managed to AC2 today! Congratulations! 100% it didn't seem like a chore, really, it was actually pretty fun - and you're right, that does say a lot about a game.

Anyway, with your opinion in mind, I'll prolly try and give SotC a chance while I'm home for the Easter holidays. Still have a few 360 titles to go through, though. I highly recommend playing Mass Effect one way or the other - it's a magnificent ride. Oh, and good luck with yout Gow run right now!
01/20/10 at 5:46 PM EST

Oy, hello there! I just noticed that you own AC2 - what did you make of it? I'm really enjoying it and I'm pretty caught up in the whole "Truth" videos. I also love how they actually listened to fan-feedback and made the missions varied and a lot more interesting.
Also, what do you think about Uncharted? Is the new one worth picking up, despite its current price? Also, I noticed that you both ICO and SotC for the PS2 - how did you find them? I got both the games as a gift a while back, but I never even got the chance to pop them in. ^_^
Hope to hear from ya!