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about 5 years ago (edited)

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Re: ALBW Hero Mode

Yeah, the tower took around 6 or 7 attempts total to complete it twice on advanced mode. Tips:

Upgrade as many weapons as possible, especially hookshot
Main weapons to use are tornado rod and fire rod - they can damage a large area at once and get you out of bad situations
Use the ice rod on the fire statues (duh)
Try to burn one or two ice statues with the fire rod before the regular statues start attacking on floor 47
Use the hookshot (nice preferred) on the hardest enemies in the tower, the lions and black lions
Have a tunic or two (I think I only beat the tower with the best tunic in the game, but I got to floor 45 or so with the second best tunic)
Have many heart containers
Have 4 or 5 bottles, at least 2 fairies and at least 2 blue potions. Keep in mind that fairies let you withstand one of any attack (except fire breath from a lion, sort of, because it's burst damage), so they are nice to have.

Lion strategy:
Be lucky, and never screw up
You *need* to separate the lions if you want to win. If they're all attacking you at once you're pretty much done.
The nice hookshot has knockback (the regular one does too?), so kinda hit the middle one so it goes up away from you, hit the leftmost one diagonally so it goes up and left, and hit the right one diagonally so it goes up and right. That should split them up enough for you to target knockback on one of them. Use the hookshot to push them over the edge.
Hold your shield up (R) if the black lions shoot fireballs at you. This floor is tough - you have to kill at least one of them quickly if you want to live, IMO.
If you do it right you will take very little damage from the first lion floor, and only some fireball damage (not fire breath damage) from the second one.

Ball and chain guy strategy:
Hookshot and fire rod. The hookshot should knock him back far enough so that his chain can't reach you, then you attack him with the fire rod. You can also knock him off with the hookshot. I think the shield, if held at the ready (R button), defends against the regular ball and chain. I'm not sure if it protects against the firey ball and chain.

On dark levels I usually use the lamp and something else, sometimes the tornado rod or boomerang.

If you get 100 maimais the bonus ability you get helps too.
about 7 years ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Bc guides are for wussies! That, and I'm not looking to it, just it. Thanks for the help, buddy!
about 7 years ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
No, it's just the regular quest, bc this is my first time ever playing this. I'm in that place where it's all twisty and upside down. And there's that creepy hand that sneaks up on you.
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