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Shovel Knight
Defeated Polar Knight and some roaming bosses on the world map. Loving it, definitely worthy of the praise.

Updated about 5 days ago

J-Stars Victory VS +
Adventure Mode. Sure, Luffy, let's get the assassin clown pederast along with us, that seems like a fine idea. ON HOLD, need to get the pad fixed.

Updated about 1 week ago

paid 5 bucks by trading in some shitty videogames i had. :)

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[EXPRESSO] La Bella E La Bestia (2017) | Be M...

Se c’è qualcosa che si può dire su questo film, è che esattamente quello che mi aspettavo dopo averne sentito alcuni commenti e letto alcune recensioni brevi. Il che significa che non è un film brutto, ma uno di cui mi chiedo il perchè del...

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about 2 months ago (edited)

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
(Hah, I have you beat with 4 weeks! Yeah... )

I wish I had done that with FE Fates. Waited for a cheaper, used copy of the game like you are doing with Awakening. I just couldn't wait anymore, since I did really like Awakening. If only the same were true with Birthright...

What do you think of the new Fire Emblem titles that were announced? I'm sure that I read that one is a remake/port. I'm excited, but am not going to rush in. There is still the older, Gameboy Advance title left for me to attempt with my 3DS.

The problem I have with Shiren the Wanderer, even though I do like playing it, is that I'm stuck on repeat with it. So much time passes between each attempt that I start completely over in fear of forgetting a valuable tip towards playing. Every time, I make it to the first village and save, never making it any further! I think there has been at least three attempts with it since owning the game...

Happy to hear that you came across a Gamestop store that you really liked and were finally able to get your business done. I think that it sounds pretty neat, having to take a train and do some walking to get there. Almost like a mini adventure that you could take every so often!
about 3 months ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Ah fair enough. What about those CAVE games? They seem to be Bullet Hell games from what I gather.

It's because people don't want to play on Mobile over here, me included, but I just play on what I want to play, lol.

I have...and I was very shocked! :O

Half of the men sterile? They'd just be masturbating endlessly instead I'd gather!

I think the Otakus make up for the niche anime over there though, they buy like, what 100 copies each?

Damn...and I was so looking forward to it too.

Wow, I expected WB to try and make DC films their own thing, but yeah...that sounds really awful from what you have described.

Glad you can watch them in Italy without resorting to flying over here.

Oh sorry! I haven't been here for awhile. I will change it asap!

Happy New Year!
about 3 months ago (edited)

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Ha, thank you! You make me feel a little better about how slow my replies have been. A belated "Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays" to you as well! I hope that you enjoyed yourself.

I'm thinking that my Resident Evil 3: Nemesis run will follow the same path as your run of Blood Drive. The thought of playing for a long period of time and then losing all that progress discourages me from playing... And like you, I have other games that would be more enjoyable to play right now!

Darkest Dungeon didn't last too long on my Now Playing list either... It just wasn't the right time. Seems like it was the perfect time to finally launch my attack on Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright though! If only there was more variation between classes...

Shiren the Wanderer has been taunting me for a very long time now... It's difficult to find the right time to play it. I repeatedly make it to the first town, save, then pick it up and start over again a few years later!

I do hope that you someday get around to purchasing Odin Sphere L. It's not often that I delve so far into a game. It took the addition of a New 3DS to break free from playing it! Surely a title worthy of a spot in the collection.

Good luck with getting rid of The First Templar. Eventually, you will have to cross paths with an employee that doesn't give a rat's ass and he will take it without any grief. Right?
about 3 months ago (edited)

Herald of Bak'laag: 500+ unfinished games
Treasure Hunter: 1000+ games
Happy Holidays, fellas. Even to the ones that really take their time to respond to comments... because i frankly do that too.
about 4 months ago (edited)

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
That is pretty awesome, Ghost in the Shell for your subject! I've seen the movie once or twice, but never the full thing in one sitting. It's difficult to stay focused on movies for me... The plot was interesting though! I know a guy that is a little obsessed with the series, which I assume is pretty huge now.

Sometimes, I would say that a game being bad isn't terrible. There's a few "bad" games on my list of most memorable. Dare I say that, they can sometimes be more memorable than the good?!

Hopefully, your "trek" through Blood Drive has improved a little. It looks as though you haven't played it in a while...

Very nice catch of Disgaea 4! GameStop can have its ups, you just have to be smart about it. The best is when you're able to save up enough Power-Up Rewards to collect on some nice coupons. I've picked up some newer titles for real cheap!

Darkest Dungeon ended up taking a back seat to Odin Sphere L. There seemed to be a lot to the game, which would require much trial and error to learn. I was more in the mood for a "simple" game that allowed saving whenever. The less brain power the better sort of thing.

I'm still sort of stuck on Odin Sphere L! It was great fun to play and I wasn't ready to stop, plus I missed some things. It is really rare that I continue playing until completion, or hopeful completion anyway. I have faith that I will conquer this one! After that, I really have no idea what will be up next...
about 5 months ago (edited)

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Well, I made another note of the three stories. This time, I wrote them down into a notebook. So no crashing of any sort can destroy them! Thanks for reminding me of them again. No biggie that you couldn't recall the third one from before. I'm sure the replacement is just as good.

Sounds like you still have quite a way to go with the "life stuff." You're getting there though! Before you know it, April will be on your heels and you'll be so close to holding that degree. It feels like it should still be August still, or July even. The summer flew by, for me, far too fast...

I have never heard of Earth Defense Force. So I have no idea what kind of game it is, sorry... With all of the school stuff you've been working on though, I'm sure it is nice to be able to play a game that doesn't require much brain energy. Too bad that it's disappointing.

Looks like you've started work on Corpse Party: Blood Drive. I hope that it is treating you better than EDF! I'm sad to hear that sprites are no longer being used... I would much rather see sprites than chibi-style character models, since that's how the series started, for me anyway. It was always sprites before, right? I've only seen and finished the first title, so far.

And thank you! It was a good birthday.
The Hunt Continues. I hope Togashi does too, best wishes dude.