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Neko Para Vol. 1: Neko Para Vol. 0
A fun "prologue" of sorts, that allows you to learn more about the various characters. Short but sweet.

Updated about 1 week ago

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Really fun game, most polished Smash game by far. So much content, so much to do... [+30h]

Updated about 1 week ago

Neko Para Vol. 1
Really fun and cute little game. Live2D animation is really impressive. Completed the game. [+5h]

Updated about 1 week ago

Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Fantastic game so far. Finally beat it, but there's still so much more left to do! Back for NG+! [+430h]

Updated about 3 weeks ago

Left 4 Dead 2 NA
Yup, still playing and enjoying this game on a regular basis. When will I grow tired of this game? [+1800h] Achievements: 70 / 70 (100%)

Updated about 2 years ago

The Orange Box: Team Fortress 2 NA
Just how more awesome can this game get... 5 years after its release ?! Probably won't complete it ever. [+518h] Achievements: 337 / 513 (66%)

Updated about 4 years ago


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