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Final Fantasy VII: G-Bike JPN
Level 8, and seriously wondering if I have enough time to get a lv25 Bahamut bike. There's all those other games too...

Updated about 3 years ago

☆☆★★★ It's not very imaginative. The game is just Cloud riding his motorcycle down the highway, just as promised. However, it's very good at doing that single thing, very polished in just about every aspect. The only reason I don't give more stars to this game is the monotony.
Final Fantasy Pictlogica
My current favorite FF social game. I just hope they'd be a little more lenient with the highest-difficulty event quests...

Updated about 3 years ago

☆★★★★ Fun little puzzle game with an FF flavor. I wish they'd give a little more inventory to start with, but I suppose all the free gems they dole out during events can counteract that a little bit. The max rank thing is annoying, once you hit that the only way to replenish movement points is to wait.
Final Fantasy Record Keeper JPN
My main team members are level 40ish. Still struggling with some Advanced-level quests. Otherwise all good :)

Updated about 3 years ago

☆★★★★ Pretty good for a social game, although the process of getting more stamina is excruciatingly slow. Major minus points for that, nobody likes being tied to a single game every two hours.
Final Fantasy Agito JPN
Level 32, poking this every now and then when I have time from all the other games. Not sure what'll happen to my account after Agito+ gets released.

Updated about 3 years ago

☆★★★★ Very good for a social game! Movement in the Academy is a bit hard, but you can get around its clunkiness by just tapping the icons above people's heads (it'll auto-run you to that person) instead of trying to move yourself. I'm not too fond of how classes are basically a ranking system instead of specializations, but I can live with that.
Final Fantasy VI JPN
Down the River Lethe I go~

Updated about 3 years ago

☆☆★★★ The character sprites look so washed out....also, movement is a pain, as usual in iOS RPGs. Otherwise I don't really have many complaints of this version of the game.
Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Curtain Call JPN
I've done a little bit of everything, although have only barely touched the highest difficulty songs

Updated about 3 years ago

Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn Subscription
In the process of updating all my characters for where they should be in ARR. Just about done with getting Sharcos up there, the rest still in process Achievements: 1985 / 3575 (56%)

Updated about 4 years ago    |    Online Info Sharcos Dea / Balmung, etc

☆★★★★ I'd prefer to have more quests available since as a long-time player I've already finished everything, but for a newcomer there's plenty to do. Really, really worried about A Realm Reborn's direction, it's looking to be nothing but a wow clone :( I have PC FF14 from 1.x, plus PS3 version starting ARR. Not listing the game twice, so thought to throw this bit here.
Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns
About to head in to Snow's palace, and absolutely swamped in sidequests to complete. Achievements: 4 / 43 (9%)

Updated about 4 years ago

☆☆★★★ I like the variety in garbs and other stuff you can wear, but I'm really not liking the time limit. I'm an explorer. I need to explore and take my time admiring the details. In this game, I can't really do that.
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD: Final Fantasy X HD JPN
Blitzball is the bane of my life.

Updated about 4 years ago

☆☆★★★ The game looks pretty good in the HD version, although is marred by the random usage of low-quality and high-quality character models. It's very obvious when their eyes suddenly stop moving due to the fact that they're just pasted onto their in that regard, the HDfication of the game is left incomplete.
Final Fantasy XI Online Subscription
Couldn't get to BLU limit break. Damn AF quest. But now working on BLM! Progress seems very rapid on that front, so I'm content. Achievements: 85 / 1250 (7%)

Updated about 4 years ago    |    Online Info Jenare / Quetzalcoatl

☆★★★★ The communality and the sense of achievement in this game has gone down the drain since the addition of Abyssea. You can still get a lot out of this game if you play it like it was meant to, though, and I have no intention of doing Abyssea-leeching like the trend seems to be these days. Gimme back my FF11.
Final Fantasy Dimensions
Chapter 3, part 1: MEM. Wondering around the inside of the Hierro Cave.

Updated about 5 years ago

☆★★★★ I don't like either of the control options available... also, the navigation arrows in menus are way too small to hit and my swipes tend to get registered as touches in menus.... iPad would probably fix the arrow issue but who could afford that thing? Other than for controls, it's a good, solid old-style FF.

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