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Fire Emblem: Three Houses
White Clouds - Chapter 2 - 5/11 - Hard/Casual :: Recruiting Sylvain as F!Byleth was so easy. Glad to have him in my team though.

Updated about 4 days ago

★★★★★ I love the entire cast and the worldbuilding. The monastery is neat to go around. Combat is easy to get into and there are a lot of options with what you can do. Will probably play as Male Byleth for most of my playthroughs. I simp Jeritza, so of course I romanced him. Will most likely romance Yuri next.
Fxxx Me Royally!! Horny Magical Princess
Yes, you read that right. My first 18+ otome game!

Updated about 1 month ago

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker
Finally getting around to 6.4

Updated about 1 month ago    |    Online Info Helena Oerta @ Excalibur

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition Subscription
Think I did just about everything, except for Pitioss Ruins. And I need to finish that one without skipping most of the dungeon.

Updated about 2 months ago

Dead or Alive 6

Updated about 1 year ago

I smashed a lamp.

Updated about 2 years ago

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about 2 weeks ago

Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
Confused: Playing 10+ games at once
Heyy~ Thanks for adding me back. Love your profile
about 1 month ago

Backlog Beaten: October 2, 2006
Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
On Fire: 3 beat or complete in a row
Ah, good to hear! I feel like it has a slightly bad reputation but I really loved the first game and wanted to try it.
about 1 year ago

Legendary Weapon: 5 or fewer unfinished games
Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Confused: Playing 10+ games at once
Really? I really don't like playing games on the Laptop, I always have the impression I miss out on graphics or stuff if I play it on one. Okay, maybe that's not true for older games, or retro style games, but... yeah, my mind is crazy. :D

Of the games you cited, I didn't play a single one, but several are on my to-do list. Fallout, for example, I really want to get my teeth into that series, including the old isometric games. I also want to try Terraria, even though I am afraid it is a kind-of endless game, and I try to steer clear of those... I heard about MDK but never to the point where I was really interested in that game. Same for La-Mulana.

Jade Empire is a game I definitely want to try, one of the few BioWare Games I never even touched. It has been on my to-do list for the longest time. Once I get my BL cleared I'll definitely go for it =)

Oh, yeah, health is always an issue when playing game, mental and physical. I have the impression it really sucks the joy out of it, even though you would typically otherwise enjoy it. I had my fair share of moments where nothing was motivating enough for me. I'm better now, but I feel you. Life can be tough some times. Happy to hear you are better though! Never give up!
about 2 years ago

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
Poisoned: 3+ new games in a row
Sleep: Not playing anything
Yay! Mion is best girl for sure.
about 2 years ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Haha, I love Higurashi though I've never read the VNs... but the recent seasons have been enjoyable to watch. I grew a love of Satoko. The Steam versions look good!
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