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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
[T.: 96h+ || Avg. Lvl.: 44 || Chapter 11] Escaped the clutches of Hojo in the Shinra Mansion, met Vincent Valentine, heading deeper... Achievements: 40 / 61 (66%)

Updated about 3 hours ago

★★★★★ -- Action/RPG -- After escaping from the dystopian city of Midgar, Cloud and his friends set out on a journey across the planet. New adventures await in a vibrant and vast world - sprint across grassy plains on a Chocobo and explore expansive environments as your party searches for Sephiroth.
Far Cry 6
[T.: 22h+ || COMPL.: 35%] Cleared one whole area, went to Esperanza and cleared all missions and side quests there. Achievements: 21 / 54 (39%)

Updated about 5 days ago

☆★★★★ -- Action/Adventure/Shooter -- Welcome to Yara, a tropical paradise frozen in time. As the dictator of Yara, Antón Castillo is intent on restoring his nation back to its former glory by any means, with his son, Diego, following in his bloody footsteps. Their oppressive rule has ignited a revolution. Play as Dani Rojas, a local Yaran, as you fight alongside a modern-day guerrilla revolution to liberate Yara!

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(U) Unfinished ?No significant accomplishments.     (B) Beaten ?The main objective has been accomplished. Usually marked by the defeat of a final boss and/or viewing of credits.     (C) Completed ?For games which are 100% done. All extras and modes have been unlocked and finished. All significant items have been collected.
448 (U)
  355 Unplayed  
79.2% of Unfinished
25.3% of Total
38 (B)
916 (C)
Wishlist  24 ?         Top-Rated  129 ?????         Master Runs  5 (M)
PlayStation Vita 54 (U) 0 (B) 76 (C) 153 Total
PlayStation Portable 14 (U) 0 (B) 35 (C) 54 Total
PlayStation 5 30 (U) 0 (B) 90 (C) 135 Total
PlayStation 4 62 (U) 1 (B) 132 (C) 361 Total
PlayStation 3 42 (U) 8 (B) 183 (C) 305 Total
PlayStation 2 6 (U) 2 (B) 46 (C) 56 Total
PlayStation 28 (U) 10 (B) 59 (C) 100 Total
Nintendo Switch 85 (U) 1 (B) 41 (C) 196 Total
Nintendo 3DS 28 (U) 7 (B) 59 (C) 110 Total
Virtual Console (3DS) 7 (U) 0 (B) 1 (C) 8 Total
Nintendo DS 13 (U) 0 (B) 14 (C) 27 Total
Game Boy Advance 4 (U) 1 (B) 15 (C) 20 Total
Game Boy/Color 1 (U) 0 (B) 3 (C) 4 Total
Game Boy C O M P L E T E ! 4 Total
Virtual Console (Wii) 1 (U) 0 (B) 2 (C) 4 Total
WiiWare 1 (U) 0 (B) 0 (C) 2 Total
Wii 1 (U) 0 (B) 5 (C) 7 Total
GameCube BEAT 1 (B) 16 (C) 17 Total
Nintendo 64 0 (U) 0 (B) 0 (C) 1 Total
SNES 2 (U) 0 (B) 6 (C) 8 Total
NES C O M P L E T E ! 11 Total
Xbox 360 C O M P L E T E ! 7 Total
Sega CD C O M P L E T E ! 1 Total
Genesis / Mega Drive 13 (U) 0 (B) 21 (C) 37 Total
Master System 2 (U) 1 (B) 3 (C) 6 Total
PC 12 (U) 3 (B) 36 (C) 56 Total
PC Downloads 0 (U) 0 (B) 0 (C) 5 Total
Browser C O M P L E T E ! 2 Total
Steam 23 (U) 2 (B) 25 (C) 71 Total
Origin 6 (U) 1 (B) 6 (C) 18 Total 6 (U) 0 (B) 0 (C) 7 Total
Battle.Net 1 (U) 0 (B) 2 (C) 9 Total
Android 6 (U) 0 (B) 17 (C) 40 Total
Arcade C O M P L E T E ! 6 Total
All Games 1848 Total
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about 2 years ago

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
just came across you from the front page. I enjoyed reading your description highlighting why you game and how you rank, etc.

I haven't played Link's Awakening remake yet, the original means a lot to me as a childhood game, how did you find it overall? I've waited quite a bit but may pick it up this year.

Good luck along the journey and I'll look forward to reading your updates!
about 3 years ago (edited)

Herald of Bak'laag: 500+ unfinished games
Cursed: 10+ new games in a row
Confused: Playing 10+ games at once
I prefer watching the Pokemon animated series (and playing the Pokemon Trading Card Game) than playing the Pokemon video games. My #1 Pokemon is the shockingly-cute Pikachu (Ash's).
about 6 years ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Happy Ring Day! Congratulations!
about 8 years ago

Herald of Bak'laag: 500+ unfinished games
Treasure Hunter: 1000+ games
On Fire: 3 beat or complete in a row
Hope you don't mind if I add you to my Multitap. Your backlog is just great!
about 9 years ago

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
You are making sense, no worries. XP

I attempted to play it again last night, and then re-read your explanation and what you said makes a lot more sense.

I'm still early on in the game - Traverse Town early. And I hope they explain deck building and sleights a bit more, at least deck building if nothing else. I'm getting the hang of sleights. But deck building seems to be crucial for doing at least OK in the game.

Plus, I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or not, but battle just feels.. choppy? Like, they play a card, then I {poorly} cycle, and play a higher one if I have it. Looking at it more critically, I guess it's not the cards, but the gaps in attacking that kind of got to me. I'm used to heated battles, mashing the attack button, using shortcuts for magic, dodge rolling everywhere and having Donald there to heal me sometimes maybe. Because the battle screens are a lot like a typical battle in Kingdom Hearts, my instincts kick in and want to do all that, then I end up wasting my cards. XD

It'll just take a little bit to wrap my head around it and calm down, not play offensively.

I appreciate the in-depth tips, though! I'll definitely have to keep them in mind and do my best to keep an open mind. I'm just dreading Riku already. XD
Game on!