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Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
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about 1 week ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
On Fire: 3 beat or complete in a row
How are you enjoying BotW, by the way? I'm guessing this is your first playthrough!

I can't even imagine ever beating my backlog. Even at my rate of 30 or so Beats a year, my list of games I want to play never seems to get any shorter. (Case in point, Odin Sphere and Threads of Fate are newly added to that list.) Then again, I have quite some time before I get to your age, so who knows? I guess too many games ain't a bad problem to have until then!

Definitely gonna check out that Chamleon Twist video now. I could use the 90's nostalgia rush!

Aaaaand, I missed the Odin Sphere sale. Woops. Well, I recently learned that the PS4 remake is actually very different than the original in terms of gameplay. The remake seems to be more hack 'n' slashy and I'm seeing comparisons to Devil May Cry. Looks like I have to check out more comparisons between the two before I decide which one is the best to play.

Threads of Fate looks seriously great. I've gotta narrow down my list of games I want to focus on next year (a daunting task indeed), but ToF will be on that list for sure!
about 2 weeks ago

Minion of Bak'laag: 100+ unfinished games
Master of Unlocking: Majority of games are completed
On Fire: 3 beat or complete in a row
Sleep: Not playing anything
If your finding Breath of the Wild a bit too overwhelming and don't want to to succumb to a walkthrough then I'd recommend using the interactive map: [Link]

It helps you check things off that you've done but still let's you play how you want and at your own pace.
about 3 weeks ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
On Fire: 3 beat or complete in a row
Hey! You've only got 16 !! That's amazing. I can't even imagine achieving that since I buy games just as often as I beat 'em.

Chameleon Twist really takes me back. I think CT2 was one of the first games I played on the N64. I sure hope they put those games on Switch now that they're adding N64 games to their online service. Honestly, I hardly even remember a thing about those games.

Interesting you should mention Odin Sphere. The PS4 version is on sale right now and I've been thinking about buying it. I didn't wanna spend any money on games with Metroid coming out in a few days, but I might go ahead anyways. Luckily, I already own GrimGrimoire! I tested it out once before, but never tried getting into it. Nice to hear it's got a baby mode, because that kind of gameplay intimidates me. Even Pikmin has me on edge while I play.

I've heard of Threads of Fate before, but I looked it up and realized I've never actually SEEN the game. Dude, this looks so much like my kinda game. I love the artstyle and character designs. I'm very interested in playing this! Apparently the Japanese title is Dewprism, which is a much cooler and less generic sounding name.
about 3 weeks ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
On Fire: 3 beat or complete in a row
I beat Chameleon Twist on the Nintendo 64 this afternoon!

I think I am beginning to realize that I am not a big 3D Platformer fan. I always seem to be fighting with the controls and the camera. However, I do like the genre and even though the games can be rather annoying, I still enjoy my time with them. Banjo-Kazooie is very annoying, but it is also fantastic. So, I guess, I'm becoming more hesitant when it comes to them. So, when I saw Try4ce from My Life In Gaming review the two Chameleon Twist games, it piqued my interest. He mentioned how easy and forgiving the games were along with being simple fun. So, when looking for my next N64 game, I decided to pick it up while it was relatively cheap.

And Try4ce was very correct. I don't think I have ever seen a more forgiving game. Every time you die, even when you game over, you start right back at the room where you died. So, each little room or small area is its own check point. This is really nice considering some of the control and camera issues you have with the game. But, for now, in the story, you are chasing a 'Alice In Wonderland' style white rabbit as you are chameleon that got turned into a person. You do your normal running and jumping, but you can use your tongue to reach tall ledges, grab onto things and suck and then spit out various enemies. The levels are fairly short, but they are extremely varied along with some nice music to make the game go by in a brisk pace. It's not a long game either as you can beat it in less than 3 hours.

My major flaw is the camera and the perspective you have. There are several jumps that make it hard to distinguish if you need to use your tongue or not. Also, some of the tongue swinging can be so precise that it is impossible to see where you are exactly. The camera is very far away and does not swivel like you would like it too. Along with two control figuration that you are very similar, but different in the game makes the game a little tough to move around in sometimes.

Overall, I really had an enjoyable time with Chameleon Twist. I really only had area where the camera and controls were a major problem. Besides that, the game went by in a brisk pace and it was a fun romp all the way through. The game never blew my mind, but for a short game with little stakes to it, I'm glad I got to play it. If you looking for a break from the more intense and heavy games and enjoy platformers, give Chameleon Twist a play!
about 3 weeks ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Invincible: 10+ beat or complete in a row
about 3 weeks ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
On Fire: 3 beat or complete in a row
I completed College Football's National Championship for the Sega Genesis this evening!

I have older brothers and that is how I got my start with video games. My first video game memory was playing Pitfall on one of their Atari 2600's. I played the original Legend of Zelda on one of their copies. They are huge sports fan, especially as kids, so most of our games growing up were sports titles. I mostly played the other ones, but I eventually gravitated to the sports titles. One of my older brothers loves College Football, so I remember buying College Football National's Championship for Genesis for him specifically. I played it as well, but it was mostly his game and became one of the last video game he's ever played. Throughout all of this, I never picked up the original. So, last year, I was looking for a quick Genesis to play and nothing is quicker than a sports game.

It is funny, but sports games have become like a hidden secret for me. I only like a specific kind as I grew out of them once Madden and the simulations took over. However, once a year or so, I get an urge to relive my childhood through nostalgia and play an 8 or 16 bit sports game. College Football's National Championship fit that to a tee. Being an earlier version, there are some features and teams that are missing, but it still holds the fantastic game play of the original. I love playing Nebraska as they have an Option play that is not used in the Pros, so its great to use it hear. I also like the ability to make your own schedule as you can play against who you want and where you want as well. The game play is a mixture of the Madden games, but is still pretty easy to pick up and play. You don't get burned because you don't know the minutia of College Football. The game felt a little too easy at times as I was returning punts for touchdowns three times in a row, but I have sunk many hours into the game and that might be the cause.

Overall, I still really enjoyed my time with College Football's National Championship. I had a few days off, so I was looking for a quick beat before I got back into my normal schedule of gaming and this worked out perfectly. I don't think this game will change anybody's mind when it comes to College Football or even Sports Games. However, if you are looking for a not too complex College Football game on the Genesis that is easy to get into, this is a fairly great one and highly recommended.
about 4 weeks ago

Right Hand of Bak'laag: 1000+ unfinished games
Treasure Hunter: 1000+ games
Confused: Playing 10+ games at once
Thanks! Yeah, I thought I'd play some games I've wanted to get to for years, alongside some old favorites. Illusion of Gaia is fantastic so far. Also been playing some GTAV since I never touched the online portion before, and I'm really enjoying that.

You've been playing some awesome games, too. Psychonauts, and GrimGrimoire. I'm curious about Odin Sphere; I own it on PS2, but still have to give it a shot. Chameleon Twist is a pretty good gem! I hope you like that one.
about 4 weeks ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
On Fire: 3 beat or complete in a row
I beat GrimGrimoire on the Sony Playstation 2 this evening!

One of my favorite games for the Playstation 2 is Odin Sphere. It could be one of the most beautiful games I have ever seen in my life. It was then that I discovered Vanillaware and I instantly became a fan of their style. This beautiful 2D art style that is so intricate, I had never seen anything like it. My friend had a copy of GrimGrimoire which is another game by them and I was always interested in picking it up. My friend is a Master when it comes to RTS games while I barely qualify as a Noob, so I was a little intimidated when he said that it was rather hard. Well, one day while game shopping, I saw a copy on a shelf and it had been so long since I've seen it that I had to pick it up for myself. Deciding it was now time to face that high mountain, I decided to put my brain power to the test.

Much like Odin Sphere, GrimGrimoire is utterly beautiful. Most of the game are just characters talking, but the level of detail on all of the characters is truly beautiful. The character design is also unique and so very intricate that I was amazed just looking at it. And that moves over to the gameplay where the character detail is so beautiful. With that in mind, it is amazing to see so many characters on screen at once and the game never slowed down. That was a large improvement in comparison to Odin Sphere. Now, when it comes to RTS games, I've only really played the original Warcraft and Pikmin. But, despite that, I was able to cruise through GrimGrimoire fairly easily. Granted, I was playing on the easiest difficulty and "LOL, Dragons" is the simplest strategy to win, but the game never felt cheap. None of the stages felt unfair even for a RTS Noob. Also, the game never overstays its welcome as there are only 25 battles and each battle takes between 15 and 30 minutes. Finally, I was absolutely enthralled with the voice acting and story throughout the game. The setting is very Harry Potter and the story is very Majora's Mask, but combined together makes a very interesting and unique story.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time with GrimGrimoire. I don't know if I will ever go back to it for the harder difficulties as that is beyond my puny brain, but it was still a blast to go through. Don't be intimidated by a Console RTS game, this is a good one and anybody can really enjoy it. It's that perfect next step after Pikmin!
about 1 month ago

Consider Yourself a Hero: Majority of games are beaten
Invincible: 10+ beat or complete in a row
We shall talk on Monday.

Congrats on ing one of my favorite games, and being on fire!
So Many Games, So Little Time